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Aug 8, 2007 01:24 AM

Help narrowing down restaurant choices for Bachelor Dinner in San Diego

I am in charge of selecting a restaurant for a bachelor dinner party this Sunday. We will be paint balling in Camp Pendleton area and would like a restaurant in the Northern San Diego area. Preferably Del Mar, La Jolla, etc.

Most of us are in our mid twenties to mid thirties and from the Orange County area. Open to all kinds of cuisines.

Looking for 1. Good food 2. Atmosphere.

I have done some research and have narrowed it down to:

Jack's Grille
Georges's Ocean Terrace
Nine Ten

Thanks for your help.

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  1. The best "scene" of those restaurants has to be Jack's hands down. Followed shortly by Market.
    I just did the Chef's Mercy dinner at 910 this past weekend and it was amazing!
    Regardless, I don't think you can go wrong with your choices.

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    1. re: jturtle

      Thanks for the reply jturtle. Much appreciated.

      So Jack's has a the best scene followed by Market.

      I am narrowing it down even further to:

      Jack's Grille
      Nine Ten

      What do you think between those? How is the space at Market?

      We won't be doing any tasting menus, probably be selecting entrees.

      Looking for great food and great atmosphere.

      1. re: Tony

        Market has fabulous food that sometimes misses as the chef changes the menu quite often based on...the market. He re-did the space from its former restaurant and is quite inviting. As it is racing season I am sure there will be quite a "scene" happening and you should try and get reservations ASAP. The scene is often extremely wealthy and those who are hoping to become extremely wealthy which can be fun to watch.

        Jack's Grille has a similar scene on Friday and Saturday nights but I cannot be sure on a Sunday.

        You won't go wrong at either place. Enjoy and congrats to the bachelor.

        1. re: Tony

          The scene at Jack's grille might be better, but the food is in a completely different league than Market and Nine-ten - and not in the good way. The food at Jack's grille (and service) is way up and down. I've been twice and sampled about half the menu. Nothing was really, really good. It is cheaper than the others by maybe 40%, but still not a good value. Some things are good (bass), but others really bad (pizza and crab rolls for example). If your prime concern is food than Jack's Grille is easily the worst of the bunch (haven't been to the new George's). Jack's does have a Fine Dining venue which I thought was really goodand similar to Nine-ten, but has been getting mixed reviews here.
          For a combo of scene and food Market is the best choice by far. You can sit in the bar area (better than it sounds) for a more lively feel. Nine-ten is also extremely good, but service can be really bad (can also be good, but..). Further, there is no scene at all at Nine-ten. It is a smallish room with a small bar area. It definitely has a quiet atmosphere for the most part. I have been there with a group of 8 and we were a relatively lively bunch, though not outrageous by any stretch, and felt like we had to tone it down a bit (as in we were dominating the center of the room and started to feel like the entire room was listening in).
          If you want all festivities in one location then Market is the way to go. The only advantage to Jack's Fine Dining or Nine-ten (or Tapenade) is you are in La Jolla and can walk to another venue for drinks or whatever.

          1. re: rotochicken

            Thanks again to jturtle and rotochicken for your detailed responses. Couldn't have chosen a restaurant without your help.

            I am going to make a reservation at Market. I was looking at the menu and it seems more innovative and appealing.

            I'll be on the look out for the extremely wealthy as well as the looking to be extremely wealthy. Should be interesting.

            Thanks again.