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Aug 7, 2007 11:39 PM

ISO Everyday Chocolate Cake

Looking for your idea of a great chocolate cake recipe for just everyday, "I feel like chocolate cake" kind of day. Something sturdy enough to stand up to a good buttercream or ganache.

I want moist, a little dense, chocolatey rich. But want a good enough, whip it together without going to the market kind of cake.

The one I tried tonight was not it, it fell flat in the middle and is a little coarse. So my quest continues.

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  1. When I need a quick cake that can go in the oven in 10 minutes, I use this one (ignore the picture on the site--it doesn't look that good). I made it recently w/ buttercream and chocolate ganache so you see layers of white in the cake, then covered it w/ the ganache,using the buttercream for squiggles across the top like a giant Hostess dingdong.

    1. Our favorite all around chocolate cake is called "Darn Good Chocolate Cake", from the Cake Doctor cookbook. It's based on a regular devils food cake mix, adding 1 cup sour cream, 1 package dry chocolate pudding, 3/4 cup veg oil, 3/4 cup water, 4 eggs, and I always add a package of ghiradelli 60% chocolate chips. About 10 minutes to prepare, about 50 minutes to bake. I've made it as a sheet, layer, bundt, with frosting, with ganache, with powdered sugar... You get the idea. I may have the recipe a little off since I'm doing this from memory...

      1. Martha Stewart's Devils Food Cake is dense and chocolatey and has a reasonably fine texture. Not super-moist, but plenty moist for my taste. If you make the Mrs. Milman's frosting (I think you can find both on her website), you will have one big rich dense chocolate bomb.

        Double Chocolate Cake (to be found on Epicurious) is very moist, but it is a little coarse grained so you may not like it. It has a VERY deep chocolate flavor. It's not my favorite, but guests seem to LOVE it...I think they like the moist, blackness of it. Although you might not think so with the coarse grain, it holds up well to freezing and frosting. It's growing on me.

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          From what I remember that double chocolate layer cake is very similar to the black magic cake I posted above. I agree, it's very moist (I think cakes w/ oil tend to be wetter) and coarse (again w/ the oil vs. butter). People I've made it for seem to love it, too, but it's a quick go-to cake for me. I have other chocolate cake recipes I prefer, if I have more time, like the sour cream chocolate cake from Best Recipe. Butter seems to give it a finer grain.

          1. re: chowser

            yes, very similar, except w/ the addition of 3 oz bittersweet choc. I guess that's the "double" part.

        2. This is the next chocolate cake I intend on making:

          Chocolate Whiskey Bundt Cake from Epicurious

          1. I think I know what you are looking for... Try "Nita's Crazy Cake" at
            I usually make cupcakes with this batter, frost with peanutbutter or coconut-creamcheese frosting, and keep in the freezer for those "gotta have something sweet" cravings.