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Aug 7, 2007 11:19 PM

Powdered Milk = Powdered Creamer?

if a recipe calls for powdered milk and i haven't got any (and didn't want to buy any because i only need 2 tablespoons), would the end result turn horrible if i substitute it with the powdered creamer (the very one novice/clueless coffee drinkers put in their coffee)??

for some reason, i don't think it'll work well substituting it with liquid milk.


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  1. As powdered creamer is the same as those liquid creamers, that is, it's an edible oil product, it can be used to replace some fats in a recipe. This is a tip I learned a LONG time ago from some consumer organisation. If you are using it for anything such as ON cereal, then you can use it, reconstituted with warm or hot water, sparingly.

    What's the recipe? If there's liquid in the recipe (water), then you can use 3 Tablespoons of evaporated milk (hardly opening a can for) to replace 3 Tablespoons of the water, or 6 Tablespoons of regular milk for 6 Tablespoons of water, and then omit the powdered milk, of course. To be honest, a lot of recipes can do without the powdered milk. ABM (bread machine) recipes really don't need it that badly, but you might find some mild textural differences and, of course, a little powdered milk boosts the nutritional value of the loaf.

    If you are using either of the milks in an ABM, make sure it's at room temp, as the cold milk could shock the yeast and kill it, stopping it from working.