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Aug 7, 2007 10:58 PM

Costa Rica Eats

Next April ('08) I'm taking the family to Costa Rica. Mostly Manuel Antonio. Do any of you know of good places to eat. Or better yet, regional favoriets in the area that the family will eat. My kids (8 & 11) are finicky. I also would like regional delacicies that are unusual for myself.

Thanks for the help.

p.s. Yes I know that Costa Rica isn't in South America, but there isn't a Central America heading on the boards.



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  1. Try El Gran Escape...........busy restaurant with decent enough food, the kids will be happy with the selection as they have good burgers, wings, crab dip....etc.....and the tuna sashimi is very fresh and good. The food in general in Costa Rica is pretty meager but when im in Manuel Antonio we usually go there and get a bucket of coronas and a table full of appys

    1. The kids might think El Avion is neat- it's a restaurant inside a cargo plane. It's kind of tacky but the food is decent.

      The Restaurant La Cantina BBQ at the Hotel Costa Verde was very good. They cook over an open fire by the entrance. The medium-rare tuna steak we ordered was huge and so delicious.

      Tropical Sushi in Quepos was really great. I still think about our meal there. We ordered a solid third of the menu and several rounds of beer and sake, and the bill was less than $60.

      Hope you have a great trip.

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        I believe we will be staying in the Hotel Costa Verde...Good tip!

        I'm liking the talk of the tuna!

        One more request. We will likely have one dinner in San Jose. Is there one DON'T MISS restraunt for dinner in the big city?

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          Thanks for the tips!

          El Avion was good food, OK prices, and my son went nuts to have dinner in the cargo plane. It was a nice experience.

          La Cantina BBQ was a beautiful restraunt, but had very midocre food for the family, and my medium steak wasn't even cooked enough to be rare. The waiter after being asked to put it back on the grill for a few minutes left the table and never returned. Unfortunately the manager of the restraunt had no intention of correcting the problem. Just a flat out...bad experience.

          Never made it to the Tropical Sushi...maybe next time!

        2. I spent a few days in Manuel Antonio last September. I stayed at Hotel Gaia. Really spectacular architecture at this hotel. Their rooftop restaurant has great views and serves top class food (cross my heart as a spoilt European). I also tried the restaurant of the Si Como No Resort which is Rainforest Alliance certified for taking extra care of the environment. Ask the restaurant manager to take you on a tour of the kitchen to see how they manage waste and control energy consumption. Excellent place for fish and very pretty view over the rainforest canopy down to the Pacific. Nice hotel too, by the way. Both restaurants are a bit on the pricey side but definitely worth it ! Enjoy Costa Rica and greetings from Brussels.

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            Since you have been to Manuel Antonio I have a quick question.

            Aside from the restraunts mentioned above. What does the local area have in the way of markets, or places to buy food to keep or prepare in ones room?

            Anyone elso who has local knowledge is welcome to chime in!



          2. One of our best meals was an outdoor make shift restraunt near the entrance to Manuel Antonio Park. They BBQ chicken, do the black beans with rice, and make their own BBQ sauce that is to die for. It was cheap, and as I said one of the best meals we had in Costa Rica.

            Food aside, that is the moat beautiful place that I've been. Much nicer than the spots in Mexico or Hawaii. Come to think of it...I'll likely never go to Hawaii again.

            We're thinking maybe Nicaragua next!