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Aug 7, 2007 10:40 PM

Kosher gyro?

Anyone know of a place I can get one?

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  1. Gyro usually served with tzatziki, a yohgurt based sauce. Meat + dairy, its up to you!

    1. Just get shawarma. It's awfully similar and there are dozens of kosher places serving them. You can bring it home and even make a pareve tzatziki.

      1. Try making it with Alton Brown's recipe at foodtv,com. It's pretty good. I guess you could modify techina for the tzatzki.

        1. I am also looking for kosher gyro in nyc or a kosher shawarma that is made of lamb. I find most the shawarma is chicken.

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              Most schwarma consists of baby chicken (dark meat) mixed with lamb. Some places have both turkey/lamb and baby chicken/lamb.

              1. re: lomez

                Interesting. At Rami's in Brookline, I once spoke to the owner and he told me it was usually turkey thigh.

                1. re: DeisCane

                  Having put my time in in Israeli restaurants...I can tell you that it in Israeli it is usually turkey thigh, and then small strips of lamb fat tucked in between the layers and a nice fat chunk of lamb fat on the very top (often with a tomato too?) the spit rotates all day long, the lamb fat slowly drips down the gyro/shwarma spit endowing it's game laovor to the turkey. Most American joints use chicken thighs instead of turkey for cost considerations. My vote for best bang for buck in NYC is a wonderful hole in the wall called Golan Heights in Washington Heights across the street from the YU campus. The portions are enormous, salads always seemed fresh and the price set for college kids. $5-12 and you leave happy and stuffed.

                  1. re: gotcholent

                    I second that recommendation. Every time I find myself at my alma mater I make sure to get a shawarma laffa, chips (fries) & chummus inside, and let the guy choose the salads as he seem fit. If they would have been there in my days at YU, I would have gained even more weight than I already did in college.

          1. I went to great neck once, and there was a glat kosher beef GYRO! it was only like seven dollers. the store was town deli.