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Aug 7, 2007 09:49 PM

Great Food, Reasonable Price in Anaheim

We're going to see Squeeze at The Grove on Sunday night and want to have dinner. We're looking for very good food at a reasonable price.

We're from south county and don't often get north of Irvine.

Thanks for your help!


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  1. What do you consider reasonable? How about some restaurant examples from places you frequent close to home.

    Personally, my "go to" place in North Orange County is Lazy Dog Cafe, which just opened a new branch in Orange off Katella/57. It's super casual and family friendly. Excellent selection too. We got out of there on Saturday for around $60 total (but we tipped high on top of that for the incredible service).

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    1. re: brekkie_fan

      We're thinking $100 range for the two of us.

      1. re: Cali Boy

        You could probably swing Napa Rose for that price. Provided you get no wine.

        1. re: Cali Boy


          Well... I guess it depends on your needs. You could certainly get out of the Catch for that price, even with a glass or three of wine, and you might be able to get out of Mr. Stox on Katella or k'ya in the Hotel Menage at Ball and Harbor. If you prefer Cantonese, you could go to King Harbor Seafood on Garden Grove Blvd. and Harbor, or Ten Ten on Euclid and Crescent. Darya on Tustin Avenue near Taft (which is what Ball is renamed in Orange) has very good Persian food, and just a little further, at Tustin and Meats, is Zena's Lebanese Cuisine. I would be shocked if you managed to spend even half that amount at Zena's.

          Of course, there's any number of dirt-cheap holes-in-the-wall, Mexican, Vietnamese, Korean, etc. -- let us know what you want.