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Aug 7, 2007 08:26 PM

cheap easy good junkfood near manch?

hey all just found chowhound. i live in manchester NHand im looking for the best, cheapest, junkiest junk food. pizza, hot dogs, burgers, cafes, cafeterias, drive-ins, and anything thats just GOOD old fashioned pig-out food.
know any good places? there used to be that hot dog joint on elm street downtown but theyre gone now.


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  1. Arrow Diner is great on Lowell St (cheap)., Belmont Hall (belmont st) is excellent and cheap. Pappas Pizza (elm st) - excellent breakfast but everyone says good for everything. Cremeland Drive In (valley st) - awesome ice cream, excellent fried scallops, clams, great burgers too. My favorite subs, roll ups and pizza is Pizza Express on Vally & Maple in Maple Plaza.

    1. Clam King, Chez Vachon (poutine), Pappy's Pizza

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        ok ya i know most of these places. lets see what i know:

        Red arrow diner (good food terrible service)

        cremeland (been there once, was good)

        Goldenrod Drive-in (not really a drive in, AWESOME food)

        Pappys (everyone says their food is awesome, i disagree. its ok)

        Makos Pizza (all-you-can-eat pizza for 5$ before 2pm, its actually GOOD)

        that cart outside home depot (not really cheap, good though)

        never been to clam king. whats chez vachon like? (mmm poutine) never heard of Belmont hall. i think i know where pizza express is but i prefer beauty's pizza on webster st. am i missing anything?

        1. re: simon_C

          I agree with you on Red Arrow, the food is pretty good (well, for the price) but the waitresses are very surly and sometimes downright rude.

          but one of the best deals around in Manchvegas for cheap GOOD eats is on Valley St. "Begy's" restaurant lunch specials!

      2. The original comment has been removed
        1. I think you have the wrong Manchester...

          1. re: whs

            Indeed I do..haha..I was wondering why I didn't recognize any of the picks mentioned. I see now that the NH was run together with the Manchester.