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Aug 7, 2007 08:00 PM

A "Castello di Verrazzano" accessible by train?

My finance' and I are going to Italy for our honeymoon. We're looking for a vineyard like Castello di Verrazzno, which sounds wonderful, but we'd like to stick to trains if possible. Does anyone have any suggestions for a wonderful vineyard where you can get the whole food and wine (and possible stay) experience without renting a car? Many thanks!

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  1. Just went there ealrier this week after reading all the great reviews. It is a beautiful location and maybe we had an atypical experience, but found the tour guide was not well versed re: DOCG requirements,etc. The food was very avarage for Tuscany. In general, we were disappointed. It reminded us of Via Sattiui (sp?) vineyard in Napa on that it was overly commercialized and touristy with so-so wines.

    I think taking a train and then a bus to Montalcino and having lunch at an enoteca with a view of the valley may be another option.

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      Thank you so much for the tip! I've never been to Italy and I'm a little lost. I'm just starting my search and really appreciate your advice. Thanks again

    2. Congratulations on your coming marriage! Castello di Verrazzano is not accessible by train but, based on the experience of "Love to Eat", it sounds like a place to pass up anyway. You don't say how long or where you are staying but it probably includes Florence which is the closest city. If you are going to be there for awhile you may actually want to get out for a day or so and I would suggest taking a bus to Greve which is about 15 or 20 miles south of Florence, about half way to Siena. It is in the heart of Chianti and has scores of inns, B&B's and agritourismos which are typically old farmhouses which have been transformed into places to stay, many with the kinds of things that Castello di Verrazzano offers but on a less commercial scale. Just Google Agritourismos Greve Italy and you will find them. Most may be hard to get to without a car though. There is a spectular looking inn in Greve called Villa Bordoni. Google it, it looks perfect for a honeymoon! We wanted to stay there but they didn't have a room on our dates. It should be easy to get there from the bus station by cab. The owners have two very sophisticated restaurants in Florence so I imagine the restaurant at their inn is on a similar level. I also highly reccommend the SlowTravel site for traveling in Italy. Buon viaggio!

      1. We visited Castello di Verrazzno in October 2007. The winery tour was the highlight of our trip. Gillian, our guide, gave a wonderful and informative tour. The day started out will Gillian picking us up in Florence and driving us through breath taking scenery on the way to Castello di Verrazzno. Great Tuscan lunch, wonderful surroundings - can not be beat. I have been to Italy more than 7 times and the wine tour of Castello di Verrazzno has made this trip the best yet.