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Aug 7, 2007 07:45 PM

some good eaters plus 1 not-so-good eater

My parents are coming in town soon and I would like to find some restaurants that might be good for our group. Everyone going to eat loves innovative, delicious cuisine--minus my father. While I would like to take my family to EMP, Cru, somewhere more special, he is more of a plain eater-- no special garnishes, etc. He'll eat steak, lobster, a few kinds of fish (salmon, dover sole), but he likes everything prepared simply. Places that worked for us in the past include any steakhouse and traditional Italian restaurants (think pasta and meat sauce or veal/chicken parmesan). Any suggestions for a place where he can get something like that but the rest of us will be more excited by the menu? Thanks!

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  1. Is he a burger guy? What about going to August? You all would be happy and Dad can order their awesome burger. On the burger topic, I will also add Prune to the list.

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      Believe it or not, the steak frites (which sounds like something Dad would eat) are primo at Thor.
      Check out: Via Emilia, Novita, Fleur de Sel, Giorgio's of Gramercy (would be perfect)

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        LeahBaila- thanks-- ironically, I just got home and hadn't checked this yet, but we went to Novita tonight and it was great for us. Thanks for your suggestions! I love Thor. Haven't been to August or Prune and wanted to go, so I'll look into those...

    2. Try Corner, formerlyYura, on the NE corner of Third and 92nd St.

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        have you eaten at scalinatella before? it's one of my dad's favorites and it sounds like he has similar taste as your dad.

      2. If he likes traditional Italian you could try Lupa. Might be pushing it a little, but they'll usually have the orrechiette tossed with homemade sausage and butter (which is great), or else the chicken diavolo which I believe is just a roast chicken rubbed with lots of black pepper.