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Aug 7, 2007 07:37 PM

Nice dinner for Veggies and Omnivores

My family is going out for a birthday celebration dinner for my brother-in-law and me, and my dear step-dad suggested Louie's 106. I searched the board and didn't find many mentions of it. The perfection (or lack thereof) of the food doesn't matter much to me; I am touched that SD feels strongly that he wants to take us to a nicer place than the usual mid-range restaurant, so I would not suggest a change of venue, except...

We do like to do lunch when we have these get-togethers, and on the weekends Louie's is only open for dinner. The larger potential problem is that I looked at their menu online and the meatless options are scant to non-existent. Of the probable nine who will attend, we have one vegetarian and one vegan who doesn't eat wheat.

It is my experience and belief that a good restaurant is usually happy to put together a lovely vegetarian or vegan meal upon request; however, in the past these two women have not always wanted to ask. Don't get me started on that.

Can anyone suggest a place that has a lovely setting, upscale food, is open for lunch on the weekend, and has some vegetarian/vegan options that are on the menu or generally a readily available off the menu special? (Not Eastside Cafe, we've gone there a lot and are looking for a change.)

Thanks in advance!

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  1. Enoteca is open for lunch/brunch on the weekends and has veggie options. Zoot has a lovely prix-fixe vegetarian tasting menu with wine pairings and I'm sure it could be made vegan upon request but they are only open for dinner. Almost any Indian restaurant will have veggie and vegan choices, and will be open for weekend lunch. Clay pit, while not as good as madras food-wise in my opinion, has the cloth napkins, vegan options, and doable wine list... Plus decent "contemporary indian" food, although that's more mid-range (along the lines of Eastside) not "fine dining." Also, FYI don't try having brunch (like I did) at Fonda San Miguel on the weekend beause they have closed their Sunday Brunch until Sept. 9th for some reason. If you change your mind to dinner, Aquarelle has a vegetarian tasting menu, and of course you can't go wrong with Uchi or Musashino, both of which have veg offerings.

    1. i had the veg tasting menu once at zoot and it was and remains oneof my most memorable dining experiences in austin. can't wait to go back

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        I've actually tried their vegan option, which the chef prepared without any prior notice, and it was definitely one of the best meals I've had in Austin. In fact, it was better than the meat laced prie fixe option.