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Aug 7, 2007 07:17 PM

Need suggestions for Mon. night in Bethesda area

I need some suggestions for a restaurant that is not overly expensive...entrees up to say $36.00 or less and good service and must be handicapped accessable. Of course the food should be good. Seafood perhaps.

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  1. Blacks and David Craig both have very good food and you'll definitely find entrees under $36. Both should have seafood selections. I think that most places in Bethesda have entrees under $36. for lighter far and prices, I also like Rock Creek.

    1. I like Thyme Square...and people seem to like the Raku in Bethesda more tan the dupont one. Its always busy.

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      1. re: Jeserf

        With all respect, I'd definitely skip Thyme Square and Raku. Black's and David Craig are solid, but I don't think spectaular. (Check to see if they're open on Mondays.)

        I think the best meal you can find in Downtown Bethesda is at Jaleo -- but caution, it can be a bit inconsistent. A former chef there has opened his own place in the neighborhood, Guardado's, on Del Ray. It doesn't have the highs of Jaleo, but it's very good, homey and honest food. And not at all crowded. Easy street parking nearby, too.

        1. re: MartyL

          I've never been to Raku there, but I've heard it's much better then the other location.

          As for Thyme Square, when the weather permits, it's a great place to eat outside and a great place to leave feeling satisfied with good ingredients.

          Jaleo is fine - but it's not seasonal, and as much as I like it, it can get a little boring since they never change the menu.

          The Afghan place on...Cordell (?) is supposed to be good.

          1. re: Jeserf

            Outdoor seating may be nice (in the spring!) and the food sounds like it should be good, but Thyme Square almosts always disappoints, the service is often rude, and facilities could be cleaner. I wouldn't recommend Thyme Square under any circumstances. Although many years ago I enjoyed it.

      2. Persimmon is a board favorite. My suggestion is Brasserie Monte Carlo. Excellent selection of meats and fish and pasta. Expertly prepared. Resonable, if overpriced, wine list. Good service. Nice tables by the windows. Give it a try and report back.

        All that said, be sure to call. Many places in Bethesda are closed Monday Nights.

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        1. re: Pappy

          id say Blacks, Persimmon or maybe even Mon Ami Gabi, i know its a chain, but it very consistent french food and steaks and its in the heart of downtown bethesda. Thyme Square is one of the worst restaurant experiences i have ever had. And although i love Raku, its not very handicap accesible, being that it is always so crowded it might be hard to get around in the tiny space.

          1. re: elegantelliot

            dunno, when i went to thyme square everything was good.
            and my roommate recently went there on a date and said it was good, too.

            oh well!

        2. I like Black's, Raku is so-so, and I also like Persimmon. Another choice if you like Vietnames food is Green Papaya. It's WONDERFUL, and much less expensive than black's and persimmon. Like poster above, I think Mon Ami Gabi is also quite nice.

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          1. re: lkmSS

            Thanks everybody...I will check out these options with regard to it being a Monday night and so on. I appreciate everyone's opinions.