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Aug 7, 2007 07:01 PM

Birthday Cake - italian style??

Okay here is the chowhound challenge for the day. We will be hosting a birthday dinner for friends this weekend and they are bringing some elderly relatives visiting from Italy. From what I can gather these relatives are pretty set in their ways, and not to open to trying new things. I would like to serve a birthday type cake for desert and wondered if anyone has any suggestions for what would traditionally be served at an italian birthday party, and where to get something. We like in the riverdale area so something east of yonge, south of bloor would be ideal although having said that, we are willing to travel. Any and all ideas welcome.
Thanks hounds!!!

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  1. Have you gone to Cafe Europa on Danforth east of Pape? It is on the south side of the street. I have only bought focaccia and natas there, never the cakes.

    The other spot for cakes would be Serano's which is on Pape, south of Mortimer. It's a Greek bakery but the items are delightful.

    I know that you asked for Italian in the Riverdale area but these were as close to European as I could think of.

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      Thanks Zengarden, I hadn't considered either one of these but I will drop by and see what they have to offer in the way of birthday occasion cakes. I will also check out Select Bakery.

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        I saw the cakes at Serano on Saturday and they looked great! Someone bought a strawberry mousse cake which was then decorated for them. I can't vouch for the taste but they looked very light.

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          Serano's is the go to place for Greek families having special occasions. I have several desserts from this spot. It's all good.

    2. Just throwing it out there as I don't know if they do cakes but isn't the North Pole Bakery at Danforth and Greenwood an Italian bakery? Perhaps another option to consider.

      North Pole Bakery
      1210 Danforth Ave, Toronto, ON M4J, CA

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        North Pole is Italian, but I don't think they do cakes. They do do a pretty good cannoli though! I second Tre Mari on St. Clair for cake.

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          Things could have changed in the past few years but I've had several of my bday cakes from North Pole, they do the real italian style with the liquer and you can pick up pastries from there too, I'd suggest you order in advance.

      2. I know you said south of Bloor but I would suggest Tre Mari on St Clair. Just east of Landsdowne. I have no idea how to spell this ?sfodliadelle?, it is pronounced schvoul-i-adel. It is a fabulaous cake.


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          I second Sfoglia. You can get it with different flavoured cream: Here's an example from a bakery in the north end:
          It's one of my faves when done right. Unfortunately, I don't know where to get one in the east end. I used to get mine from La Sem on Finch West. There are a number of places around Eglinton and Royal York, the Queensway, etc. I can be more specific, if you are interested in the west end.

        2. How 'bout San Remo's on Royal York Road, just south of the Queensway-you don't want to be anywhere near the Danforth THIS weekend, esp. trying to carry a cake!. (Taste of the Danforth)

          1. Do you need an actual birthday cake? I didn't eat any cake in Italy at all. For dessert we often had a platter of different Italian pastries and/or Italian gelato (that's a whole other thread you should read) with panna on the side and fresh fruit. If it is a cake, it must have the Italian custard filling and some booze.

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              Oh yes I know about Gelato.....I believe I started that one!!! Someone earlier reminded me about Taste of the Danforth - crap....there goes that idea!!!! I'm staying clear of the Danny this weekend. Maybe I will go ahead with the gelato (yet again)!!!! Thanks everyone.