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Aug 7, 2007 06:48 PM

North of Bombay or Shala-Mar?

Taking out a friend who's visiting from Nunavut for Indian tomorrow night. I haven't been to either of these places in years (North of Bombay on Dundas St. W @ High Park or Shala-Mar on Roncesvalles), and I can't find any recent review on here so I thought I'd ask....anyone been to either lately and have any comments? Or any other suggestions in the Bloor West/High Park area? Many thanks!

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  1. Been to both several times and stopped going to both. North of Bombay started out ok, nice atmosphere, friendly service, but their curries/sauces are quite runny/thin. Don't bother with curry twist due to limited menu. Shala-Mar is ok, funky atmosphere, service can be so-so, the food's ok, but not for what they charge (not very good value). Not really much great Indian in the Bloor West High Park can head a little east to Queen St for several options, or to Mississauga. Depends what you're looking for (fancy or not...north or south indian etc). If you're limited to your above 2 choices, I would probably go for Shalamar....but if you want some great food, Silver Spoon is across the duck confit I've had in months.

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      Must agree with DDD
      Wouldn't bother with either.
      Shalamar is the better choice of the two, but I have had quite good to terrible food there.
      Do yourself a favor, if you want Indian, even if you don't drive take the Queen St. car and try Trimurti, on Queen West..