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Aug 7, 2007 06:31 PM

Gluten Free in San Fran

Any suggestions on restaurants with GF menu or options that are Gluten Free?

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  1. I know that The Outback Steakhouse has a gluten free menu. It is a chain restaurant, but hey...

    1. If you do a search you will find some suggestions from the past, but I have Celiac disease and don't have any issues eating where I want in SF. Just call ahead and talk to them. I have not tried Chinatown though.

      1. I think that Ethiopian restaurants in general would be gluten-free - if they use teff only rather than mixing any wheat flour into their injera (their sour bread).

        1. I think in general, Korean food is largely gluten free. They use alot of rice and noodles made from non-wheat flour such as sweet potato. If they truly use Korean soy sauce vs a Chinese or Japanese brand, that is usually GF as well. Also, Vietnamese pho noodle soup is one of my celiac husband's favorite treats. They also have fresh spring rolls and other noodle and rice dishes that are GF.