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Aug 7, 2007 06:29 PM

Farm fresh eggs in Orlando area

I am sick of buying those flavorless,colorless eggs in the store, with yolks that break if you look at them wrong, is there any place to buy farm fresh eggs in the Orlando area, preferebly Altamonte/Apopka?, thanks.

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  1. There is a farmers market in Apopka that you might try. Otherwise, Daytona Beach has the City Island farmers market that advertises "fresh eggs".

    I haven't seen them at the Downtown market or the Winter Park Market. I haven't made it to the Sanford Farmers market yet.

    There are some different eggs at Fresh Market in Altamonte Springs, you'll pay more but might be worth a shot if you don't want to drive to Daytona for the real thing. Good luck and post back if you find them closer in.

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      I subscribe to orlando organics produce delivery (which highly recommend) and they list on their website that you can add natural, free range eggs from Lake Meadow (Ocoee) to your weekly produce order for $2.49 per half dozen eggs.

      If you've never heard of them, check out their website: They deliver fresh organic produce to your doorstep on a weekly or biweekly basis. I've been using them for about 4 months and have been pretty happy so far. Once a few of the kiwi were inedible so I emailed the company and they sent me extra produce in the next delivery to make up it.

      The only downfall is that you don't know exactly what will show up in your delivery bag every week--but to me that's the fun part because it forces me to cook items that I might normally not purchase at the grocery store.

    2. Check this site.
      Grandmother's Farm in DeLeon Springs has fresh eggs and duck eggs from pastured "happy" poultry, they said.
      I have not been to the City Island farmer's market in Daytona but have not heard good things about it -- not a good selection, mostly wholesalers, etc.

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        I went to the Daytona Farmers Market at City Island recently and it really is disappointing. I didn't see any eggs, I spoke with the Fish guy and he didn't have any local fish, standard produce... I also recently visited the Farmers Market at the Flea Market in Daytona. It's certainly not my favorite, but I did pick up some exceptionally good tomatoes (TN) and peaches...with the fuzz still on them! They were delish. I dream about an incredible farmers market with organic produce and something other than carrots and potatoes. I have a 6 month old and have been making his baby food. It's difficult to find a good selection of quality organic produce in Port Orange/Daytona.

        I did recently come across an organic farm in Deland:
        Planted Earth Vegetables
        867 East Kentucky Ave.
        DeLand, FL
        (386) 837-6855

        The owner emails a list of what is available along with the cost. I have not made a purchase yet, has anyone know of them?

        Also, I had emailed Grandmother's Farm inquiring about their products and hours, bit I did not receive a response back from them. Have you purchased from them or do you know anything about them?


      2. This might be a bit far, but there is a small produce stand on 415 in Samsula, South of 44 called L & L. They have been in Florida for generations and have wonderful fresh eggs. Their tomatoes are also wonderful!

        1. I was reading an item today that all Whole Food stores carry locally produced organic eggs. Certainly worth a call to the store to ask.


          1. the chulouta feed store in chulouta (just outside of oveido) used to great the best fresh eggs from a local farmer every morning. i still think about those eggs.