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Aug 7, 2007 06:00 PM

Hibino - Japanese in Cobble Hill

Just had the most recent of many excellent meals at Hibino on Henry St. at Pacific St. in Cobble Hill.

Tonight, my obanzai, a tapas-type appetizer that changes daily, was simmered beef tendon with konnyaku, which is a very dense yam noodle thing. It had the texture of a very dense, very thick chow fun noodle. It was delicious and the beef just fell apart. We also had an assortment of sashimi, with the very fresh fluke and the scallop being favorites tonight. The yellowtail jalapeno roll was also excellent. Service, as always, was very considerate and efficient.

I don't get the urge to post very often but I've had so many positive experiences at this place that I figured I'd throw in my 2 cents. It gives me a certain satisfaction to see a real labor of love like this place filled on a Tuesday night and seemingly doing quite well. A wonderful addition to the neighborhood this year.

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  1. i too have heard great things about this place. is it byob? or do they have a license?

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      They have a, wine, and sake. It had been byob while the license was pending.

      1. re: mag

        They recently received their liquor license and now serve interesting sakes and japanese beer. While it's nice to try new sakes, unfortunately it has elevated the price of dinner and we no longer eat there weekly like we did when they first opened.

        That being said, the obanzai are always interesting and well prepared, the sushi is fresh and on par with the better places in the hood, and the 3 entree options are all actually worth ordering, with the salmon and chicken being great.

      2. I was there last night as well - the mackeral obanzai was fabulous, and my girlfriends & I were big fans of the eel roll and the softshell crab special roll. Great service, and a decent wine list (although we found the sake to be a bit on the pricey side for our taste)