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Aug 7, 2007 05:29 PM

Dinner Recs in Flanders and Mystic, CT

Hi - looking for some reccomendations on resturants in Flanders, on 161 (possibly one of the BBQ places there?) and in Mystic. In Mystic, I'm trying to decide between S&P and AJ's. S&P looks a little pricey, but I hear the view is worth it. Any thoughts?

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  1. Sorry, I stayed in Mystic and would recommend Noah's in Stonington or Water St. Cafe - loved them both. Can't comment on the others.

    1. I just was in Mystic last week and had a very nice dinner at the inn in Mystic Seaport. You dont have to enter the Seaport to eat there,and there is parking right accross the street. Also in flanders, there is a place called Unk's on the bay. But its across the bridge. Headed East . Just ask anyone in the town and they will tell you how to get there. There is a nice place called Constantines located right on Rt1 in the center of town. . These are some places you can look at. That might give you some help in finding a place to eat. Good luck . Earle

      1. Here's the web for Noah's, lots have recommended this place and not dissappointed.

        1. AJ's is awesome I 'd pick that over S&P any day ... its quite small though so you might want to call ahead. Get an ice cream from the store next to the drawbridge and stand on said drawbridge and you will have a better view thatn S&P and a much better dining experience.

          Noah's is fanastic. As is Water Street Cafe on same street. In Flanders on 161 is The Flander's Fish Market - which also has meat on the menu but unsure if BBQ. For BBQ I would head over to Groton and go to Russell's Ribs - its the exit for the sub base on Rte 12 I believe. Groton is between Mystic and Flanders.

          How was the Seaman's Inn -- the chef there now - Tim Quinn was at Noah's as well as the late lamented Sherlock 221. He's excellent and i would think the quality of food there has improved.

          1. one knows about Flanders...alot pf places...half and half fast food..

            a couple of warnings...Flanders Fish house...I keep trying...I keep leaving un happy

            My favorite is the Shack...not fabcy but great ocean beach ambiance

            he Flanders donut shop is terrific...have a applea fritter or a butternut sticky bun...bagels are good too...not NY style but good

            The BBQ places are OK...nothing fancy fut basic stuff.

            The pizza places are standard...