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Aug 7, 2007 05:19 PM

Need rec for Napa this Sunday evening

I'm seeing "HMS Pinafore" this Sunday at the Napa Valley Opera House at 2 pm.

Does anyone have any recommendations for a restaurant nearby? The theater is at 1030 Main Street (near 1st Street) in Napa.

Since the show starts at 2:00 pm, we're willing to drive a short distance, although we'd prefer to walk.

One of my friends is vegetarian, and we're willing to eat any cuisine. Since my friend is from out of state, it'd be nice to go to a restaurant that evokes the Wine Country.

We'd prefer something mid-priced (e.g., under $50/person).

Thanks for any suggestions!

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  1. Bounty Hunter is less than a block away. Use the search window for recs. It's a good option if it's open that day and hour.

    1. Angele is less than a ten minute walk away and they serve same menu all day long. It is also on Main Street but on the end, south of theatre in the Hatt Building center. They do bistro French. I am certain they will dish up tasty vegetarian fare for your friend. As for price, while they aren't a bargain, they do have menu items for all budgets and the appetizers aren't tiny.
      Another option is Uva on Clinton which is about 3 blocks from Main. They do family oriented Italian. A big deal vegetarian restaurant is supposed to open on Main very soon, maybe already, has a funny name starting with U? And also Ana Lee (not wine counrty at all, but there), the Vietnamese place is on Main.
      Have fun!

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      1. re: Madge

        I think the "big deal vegetarian" restaurant you are referring to is Ubuntu. (will be? hasn't opened yet.) Don't think it will be around in time for Nineteen though. ):

      2. Pilar. Pilar. Pilar. A block away from the opera house and infinitely better than Angele...

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          1. re: casey11

            Thanks for the suggestion re Pilar! Unfortunately, they're not open on Sunday :-/

          1. re: pinotho

            Mustards is not in downtown - there are a number of great places to eat within walking distance of the Opera house that won't require them to drive. Uva would be my second choice after Pilar.

            1. re: Carrie 218

              No way on Uva before Angele. With that limited a time frame on a Sunday, Angele all the way.

              1. re: Dan Wodarcyk

                Different strokes... I've had three perfectly horrific meals at Angele and couldn't be paid to go back.

                1. re: Carrie 218

                  Going back to the original question. Downtown, Sunday afternoon, walking distance to the opera. Pilar, Pilar, Pilar isn't open Sunday afternoons. The new veggie place does not yet exist. Uva is mediocre at best. For something that evokes wine country, I'd suggest either Julia's Kitchen at Copia (a bit more of a walk), Bounty Hunter (much more casual and not so veggie but a great by the glass wine list) or Angele. Been there dozens of times and I've never had anything approaching mediocre let alone "horrific." The only place downtown serving classic French bistro, excellent sweetbreads, a classic nicoise salad, plenty of veg. options, always a solid beef or fish entree and a short walk to the opera house. Bleaux Magnolia, the fairly new Cajun/Creole place downtown is also an option, with a Sunday brunch, but not sure your friend would be satisfied.

                  1. re: Dan Wodarcyk

                    Ubuntu is opening August 20th. Julia's Kitchen is not much of a walk (3 to 4 blocks) - I'm thinking this might be your best option but I haven't eaten there in months. I like Uva a lot, but it is not the place to take out of town guests when you want somewhere that "evokes the Wine Country." Perhaps, neither is "classic French bistro" Angele, although I've had only good meals there and sitting on the patio overlooking the river can be lovely (when the tide is in!)

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