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Aug 7, 2007 04:43 PM

springfield, oh update??

going to springfield in a few weeks for the first time - any new recommendations since the 2003 post?? (

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  1. I've been to the Hickory Inn recently for lunch (twice) and it's still good. Not gourmet food, but great potato skins, pizza, chicken, etc. They have a very large menu and friendly service.

    1. I've never been to Hickory Inn. If it's good, then it's the only place in town that I'd eat at. The rest of the stuff in Springfield is just not that good. I worked there for two years and figuring out where the heck to go to lunch every day was a constant struggle. If, on a daily basis, you're choosing between Quizno's and Subway, you know you're in trouble.

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        Besides the Hickory Inn, there is an El Toro on Bechtle Avenue which has very tasty Tex-Mex food (there is another one on South Limestone which I find inferior). Otherwise, prepare yourself for lots of chains. Luckily Dayton and Columbus are not that far away...

      2. I agree in general that Springfield is not a chow town. But living here - you do what you can. Other possibilites besides Hickory Inn:
        Coffee/Desserts: Coffee Expressions; Shuler's Bakery
        Pizza: Short Stop (on the north side/whole wheat crust); Cassano's
        Mexican: Mi Jalepeno
        Lunch: J's Place (Jason is a local- went to culinary school in NY and makes great pretzel bread pizza and sandwiches; Fountain on Main -famous for their olive-nut sandwich; Mike & Rosy's-local deli and institution for Wittenberg and beyond; Simply Delicious-eclectic sandwiches
        Dinner: Linardo's-Greek/Continental - rat-pack decor-still good
        Hope this helps -the rest of Springfield is chains.

        1. a quick update - we had three experiences eating out while in the area, although none in springfield! we looked for "east coast" pizza and tried marion's near dayton (big thumbs down from all). also tried haha pizza in yellow springs, which was closer to what we were looking for, although the crust was still what i would call a "cracker" crust. we also went to dinner in yellow springs at the winds cafe, which we all really enjoyed. the restaurant has a limited menu, but it has both small-plate and large-plate options, a reasonably priced wine list, and we had a helpful, knowledgeable, professional server.

          1. If you feel like driving up 68 to Urbana, there are several good places. Cafe Paradiso, a really good italian place, Roberts on Miami, a good sit down, and Rothchild Farms....and there are several good places in Springfield, you just have to search them out....