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Aug 7, 2007 03:49 PM

Sheep's milk in Toronto?

Anyone know of a source that regularly carrries Sheep's milk? Preferably downtown. Thanks!

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  1. I occasonally get sheep milk yogurt at my local health food shop, but I don't know about milk because i don't drink it. Noah's and the Big Carrot are the big ones to check out.

    1. I tried goat milk the last time I bought a liter, from Fiesta Farms, they might have sheep too...the goat milk wasn't bad, like a very mild fresh simple goat cheese, a bit musty for my milk good for coffee...

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        1. I don't know what neighbourhood you're in, but if it's convenient try Lennie's Whole Foods, 489 Parliament on the east side of the street at Carlton. I buy Ewenity sheep yogurt there amongst other things. Never looked for the milk. Open every day until at least 6pm. 416-920-3777

          1. I found sheeps milk at Ambrosia in North York. I bought a small amount just to try just out of curiosity. I really expected not to like it. Wow was I wrong it is absolutely delicious. I am quite shocked actually. The only drawback is it is really quite expensive. A small container ??300 mls was $3.99. The other drawback I suppose is it is 6% milk fat. Probably explains why it is sooooo good.

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              The fat helps, although sheep's milk products have a distinctly different taste than regular milk/cream that I really enjoy. I have to go to Ewenity every time I'm at the SL Farmers' Market. Just can't resist.