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Sheep's milk in Toronto?

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Anyone know of a source that regularly carrries Sheep's milk? Preferably downtown. Thanks!

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  1. I occasonally get sheep milk yogurt at my local health food shop, but I don't know about milk because i don't drink it. Noah's and the Big Carrot are the big ones to check out.

    1. I tried goat milk the last time I bought a liter, from Fiesta Farms, they might have sheep too...the goat milk wasn't bad, like a very mild fresh simple goat cheese, a bit musty for my milk uses...no good for coffee...

      1. I don't know what neighbourhood you're in, but if it's convenient try Lennie's Whole Foods, 489 Parliament on the east side of the street at Carlton. I buy Ewenity sheep yogurt there amongst other things. Never looked for the milk. Open every day until at least 6pm. 416-920-3777

        1. I found sheeps milk at Ambrosia in North York. I bought a small amount just to try just out of curiosity. I really expected not to like it. Wow was I wrong it is absolutely delicious. I am quite shocked actually. The only drawback is it is really quite expensive. A small container ??300 mls was $3.99. The other drawback I suppose is it is 6% milk fat. Probably explains why it is sooooo good.

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            The fat helps, although sheep's milk products have a distinctly different taste than regular milk/cream that I really enjoy. I have to go to Ewenity every time I'm at the SL Farmers' Market. Just can't resist.

          2. Sheep's milk is seasonal, so it may never become a regular dairy item. The ewes produce milk for spring lambs, and they dry up during the summer. Goats and cows can produce all year long, although I think they may be given some extra hormones for this purpose. Check with your supplier.

            Since sheep's milk only arrives early in the year, it is more suitable to produce cheese and yogurt, with extended shelf life. Sheep's milk is fairly expensive to produce (specialized milking equipment, and animals that need more protection from predators than cows), so cheese is a natural product to aim for, as it gets a good price.