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Aug 7, 2007 03:34 PM

What to do with whole milk??

My husband and I drink skim milk and I was going to make a bechamel the other day so I bought a big jug of whole milk. I never ended up making the sauce and now im not really sure how to use it up before it expires.... any ideas on using a lot of whole milk (other then cream sauces).
Thanks! :)

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  1. you could make yogurt, ricotta cheese, ice cream (bittman's cornstarch ice cream calls for mostly whole milk, i think), pudding, panna cotta, hot cocoa. it's funny, i started drinking whole milk when my now 2yo started drinking cow's milk, just so we wouldn't have to buy too many various cartons, and now i'm having trouble going back to my 2%!

    1. Patricia Wells' Corn Soup!
      3 ears of corn, cut off cob. Cover corn kernels and cobs w/ whole milk and simmer slowly for about 1 hour. Remove cobs & discard. Puree corn & milk and add SPTT. Garnish w/ smoked paprika and cilantro, if desired.
      Pure summer-y corn essence and elegantly simple. Equally good hot or cold.

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        That sounds, as you put is so well, 'elegantly simple'. I love recipes like this, do you cover when you're simmering for an hour or let it simmer uncovered and reduce?? Thanks again, sounds really great for summer!!

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          For about the first 30 minutes I had the lid slightly cocked but removed it for the last while. No need to reduce, the simmering did that itself. Had this cold today for lunch and cannot decide which I like best - hot or cold. Both are delicious.

          NB: made a spinach vichyssoise and poured each into the same bowl simultaneously -- WOW! A symphony of gorgeous colors and delicous flavors. Great lunch!

      2. You could use some of it up in a quiche. I know most quiche recipes call for cream or half and half. I always use 2% milk. Whole milk would seem decandant!

        You could also use it in any "cream of" soup.

        1. You can make rice pudding. There are many good recipes on
          Or you can make custard, or other kind of pudding and fill a cake with it?

          or how about ice milk? a low fat ice cream?

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            Thanks everyone!! Some great suggestions- That soup sounds so yummy!!!

          2. I would just drink it and enjoy the treat