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Aug 7, 2007 03:23 PM

maisonakira- french japanese in pasadena

I've heard a lot about this restaurant in Old town Pasadena.. the menu looks great... prices to me seem to be on the higher end. Just wondering if anyone has checked this place out.. and their thoughts on it... worth the price? Better bet to go with the prix fix menu? I'm a big fan of Cafe Hiro in Cypress.. is the food similar to that?


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  1. The original comment has been removed
    1. a quick search answers all of your questions...

        1. re: slacker

          true...actually it's in the Playhouse District and the merchants there appreciate that distinction ;-) ...btb, Maison Akira as you can see by the search results has been widely discussed -

          bottom line for me- marvelous fish! beautifully prepared with delicately prepared vegetable sides. The cost is both reasonable and appropriate given the quality of food, service, and ambiance (which is reserved yet not stuffy). Lunch is definitely worth it - love their bento boxes- and lunch prix fixe No.2 is still there, my favorite sea bass!

        2. I think the place has gone down hill a bit in recent times.

          I still feel Akira is an outstanding chef, but I get the feeling he's either on autopilot or AWOL from the kitchen.

          Time to update the menu, spruce up the dishes ...

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          1. re: ipsedixit

            Hmmmm, wifey and I went there about 2 weeks ago and were very, very disappointed. Got the tasting menu w/ wine, and also the lobster salad. Potato leek vichyssoise w/hokkaido scallops was so bad my wife actually sent it back, very unlike her..miso sea bass wasn't nearly as good as the misoyaki butterfish at the chain, Roy's...lobster salad was dressed with what was basically thousand island...on top of all this, service was spotty and the atmosphere and cleanliness of the place left much to be desired IMO. We both agreed that it was the worst $200 meal we'd ever had. And Akira was there that night, we saw him carving for the table next to us!

            1. re: trojanhorse

              zikes..I was there about 6 months ago...based on above, I'm beginning to wonder if I had the last (good) supper !?

              1. re: Local

                I've read so many good reviews of the place, I really hope things were just very off that night for some reason. I mean, the guy trained under Robuchon for goodness sake, and eating at Robuchon in Vegas was easily, no question, the most amazing restaurant experience of my life.

          2. run down.. over the hill..