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Aug 7, 2007 03:22 PM

Troy/Bloomfield Hills/ Birmingham/Royal Oak Rehearsal Dinner sites...HELP!!

Hello everyone...

I am in need of a *nice* but not too formal rehearsal dinner site in the areas stated. Andiamo is booked don't even suggest it...ha ha...can you tell i'm a little bitter? Does anyone have any other suggestions? I would have LOVED for it to be at Maggiano's...however, my grandmother is funding it and doesn't quite grasp or like the idea of a family style event. Any suggestions!? PLEASE HELP!!

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  1. My friend's was at a place called Picano's in Troy--decent, not outstanding, but Italian. Another friend's wedding was at Big Rock and was beyond nice. They now have a banquets-only spot open nearby. With Birmingham and Royal Oak, be aware that parking can be a big problem, especially for older guests or those unfamiliar with the area.

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      1. I actually went to a wedding shower at Maggiano's and it was really elegant! They have this round room in the front that they use for them, and it was quite charming. Apps were served buffet style in the middle of the room so everyone could have a cocktail and mingle before sitting down. Then the food was, as you know, served family style, but it was good quality and presented well. You should take your grandmother to dinner there so she can experience herself. I had my rehersal dinner at Andiamos on the Riverfront (in the Ren Cen) and they have a private room you can book OR a semi-private area if you have less than 45-ish people. They did a fantastic job too. I had my engagement party at D'Amatos in Royal Oak on a Sunday when they are not normally open. It was also family style, but you could probably pay more and get it plated. They did a very nice job, but you could tell the waitstaff was not particularly happy to be working on Sunday and they weren't so snappy about the drinks as the event wore on (though we were paying for each and every one of them). All of these places are very nice but really not that formal. D'Amatos was around $20-25 a person not including alcohol, Andiamos ran about $50, including full bar. Good luck!