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Aug 7, 2007 02:38 PM

I don't have rezzies and I wanna go to Osteria Mozza tonight for dinner, possible?

I know what you are thinking, this broad mush be smoking crack. I'm not, but I really, really, really want to try this place tonight. Has anyone on this board been able to walk-in and have a meal at the bar? What time should I try to go?

If I don't get in or I can't wait for hours on end, is there another restaurant that I can go for a nice dinner.



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  1. You can certainly try your luck for the bar, but try and go as soon as possible after they open. Failing that, Lou up the street is lovely.

    1. the mozza bar is for walk-in's only and it seats about a dozen. best time to show up would be just before 5:30 when the restaurant opens for dinner. that's exactly what i did on saturday after a movie at arclight. waited outside for 10min and that was it. i wouldn't try to go with more than 1 person as it gets harder to find open bar seating for 3 or more.

      if you go during prime time, you might end up waiting half hour but the food is definitely worth it!

      1. I've gone to Mozza several times without a reservation and it's not bad. Two weeks ago i went with 3 other people at 6:30ish. We waited for 20 minutes at the bar, had a glass of wine, were seated, then got moved to a table that had opened up because of a cancellation... As i said, not too shabby.

        1. I called and they said good time to walk in is around 9:30.
          We took our chances at 5:30 and sat at the Mozzarella bar which filled up by 6. Then the bar filled up soon after.

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            I just got back...we had a 7:00 reservation and it was actually pretty empy when we got there. There were definitely a few seats available at the bar. It was pretty packed by 8pm. BTW, it was AMAZING!!!!!!