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Aug 7, 2007 02:35 PM

Seattle Cooking Classes

Can anyone recommend a good place in Seattle to go for cooking classes? I know that the PCC offers some, but I'm really looking for something more hands-on and not just a demonstration (although if you have taken a PCC class and have enjoyed it I'd love to hear about that, too). I'd like to expand my kitchen skills and learn some new recipes and methods in a relaxed atmosphere.


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  1. Let's see...I've taken classes at both Sur La Table (in Kirkland) and the Blue Ribbon Cooking School (in Madison Park). I liked both locations and both classes I took were very much hands on. I LOVED the Blue Ribbon Cooking School, but I recall that it was a bit on the pricey side. Well worth it though in my opinion...
    Both locations have websites, but I don't know them off the top of my head. Just Google and they should come right up.

    1. They have many fans, although I am not necessarily one.

      1. Culinary Communion is very hands on and interesting, try it.

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          Is Culinary Communion good for an absolute beginner or would I be better off at a community college evening class? I'm a foodie, but am absolutely clueless in the kitchen....

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            I think they can certainly accommodate a newbie. They also have beginner skills classes, which might be right for you.

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              I took a class at Renton Technical College called How To Boil Water with Chef Hope Sandler (I believe she teaches at other schools as well). Like you, I am a foodie but absolutely clueless in the kitchen. I found the class to be just right for me. She taught some good kitchen basics and skills, and each night the class worked on preparing a full dinner including dessert. It was very hands-on, informative, and fun!

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                Thanks for the responses. I'll research both of these places :)

          2. northgate community center has several hands-on cooking classes every sememster that are very inexpensive - call monica at 684-0229 for a schedule

            1. Dustin, of Art of the Table has been cooking-up demonstrations at Wallingford Farmer's Market, on Wednesdays. Apparently, he shops the market and then demonstrates preparation of a meal using the ingredients found on that day (though I've never been to the demonstration and this is more a rumor than a report). I take the food at Art of the Table as a sign that this might be very good, indeed, and hope to investigate further. This is almost certainly premature (better to ask for forgiveness than permission), but I've been told that he is thinking about (maybe even planning) to scale this up to a more formal "class" sort of experience, in which he takes the class shopping and shares his critiques and strategies, then the group prepares a meal with the day's ingredients.
              I hope some sleuthy hound can correct or supplement this sketch, but it sounded like a great idea to me.