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Aug 7, 2007 02:06 PM

Sushi and Seafood in Vancouver

I'm going to be in Vancouver for 5 days next week and plan to spend a lot of that time stuffing my face.

Can you recommend some sushi and seafood restaurants (really want a yummy dungeness crab)? Also, some Chinese and Japanese restaurants? I'm going to be by myself so not really interested in dim sum. Just some good authentic local places. Doesn't need to be trendy. Interested in the food, not the decor. Thanks!!

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  1. My favourite place for sushi is Sushi King House on Granville near 64th. It's on the way to downtown from the airport. It prides itself as being the biggest sushi in town. It's inexpensive,fresh & portions are huge. On cool damp days I enjoy the Seafood Ramen Soup.

    1. You may want to try Kadoya along Davie St. It's a hole in the wall but people come in droves bec of the delicious Japanese offerings, delectable sushi, and the chef's unique sushi creations. For Chinese food, go to Floata in Chinatown (Keefer St). Their food, esp the dimsum, is delicious!

      1. Tsunami Sushi, 238 - 1025 Robson, Vancouver is my favourite place.
        Sit up at the prep area and catch your meal as it goes by on little boats in a moat.

        You accumulate the dishes and are charged by the number of dishes which are priced according to a colour scheme! Watch out for the food on the black dishes, that's the most expensive!

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          If you want *Japanese* Sushi then and are close by and both are excellent.

          Go Fish Ocean Emporium in the parking lot of Fisherman's Wharf near Granville Island is a must visit.

          1. re: Sam Salmon

            I definitely want "Japanese" sushi. I hate those super-sized rolls stuffed with more rice than fish. I will try Okada and Octopus Garden. Do you think Tojo's is worth visiting? I would like Omakase one night. Would you recommend Okada or Octopus Garden for their omakase? Also - I was looking at Hapa and Guu for izakaya. What do you think?

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              Okada is a tad more traditonal than Octopus-that's really all I can add as I always order whatever I'm craving/looks good to me with the Chef's suggestions kept in mind.

              Tojo's is *very* expensive and there are complaints about value and service although that's never been an issue with me I haven't been to the new place.

              I like Guu on Robson then the Gastown location.

              See what you think of the reviews for Kingyo


     is sometimes chaotic but does have a lot of info.

              1. re: Sam Salmon

                Thanks for the tip! I had a great time in Vancouver and LOVED Octopus Garden. Went there twice! The lobster on vacation roll was amazing. I also loved the atmosphere - a lot of regulars.