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Aug 7, 2007 01:55 PM

Jimmy Mac's (Tampa ) Status.

When the last Jimmy Mac's closed, word was the owners would take some time off and then eventually find a new home in town. Best I can recollect it's been a few years. Anyone hearing any whispers about a return? Can't find a decent blue cheese and bacon burger to match the Blue Max.

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  1. Not sure about Jimmy Mac's but I can direct you to Lee Roy Selmon's for a killer bleu cheese and bacon burger. They'll even make them medium rare ; )

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    1. re: rhnault

      Haven't heard about Jimmy Mac's return but I'll have to check out Selmon's for the bleu cheese burger. I've been hooked on those since having some good ones at the Cactus Club in Hyde Park , 10 or 15 years ago. Now defunct of course.

      1. re: JacksonSP

        it has really good crispy onions on it too ; )
        my husband dreams about them lol

        1. re: rhnault

          Thanks for the suggestion. I've been to Selmon's a few times, but hadn't tried the burger yet. It seems I can never get past the bbq nachos and ribs.

          1. re: srcusa

            those bbq nachos are the bomb. wow are they ever good! my friend says the quesadillas w/ the pulled pork are awesome too but i haven't tried them yet.

            1. re: rhnault

              yes, the pork quesadillas are excellent! the chocolate cake is wonderful also. i could easily skip any entrees there and get the apps, sides and dessert.

              1. re: travelnfood

                a piece of that cake usually makes the ride home with us!

    2. A little late,but Jimmy macs owners have found a new home,problem is its about 9 hours north of Tampa.They opened up a small place,serving the same food and menu in Bryson City, North Carolina.And on a pleasant note They just had a baby granddaughter last week.

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      1. re: alan1

        Ok...I am out of the loop since I have long since moved out of state. The "last" Jimmy Mac's was the Gandy location? I still miss the Armenia location! I was a bartender there and met my spouse while tending bar (was it the burger or me?) ...and yes I dream of the Blue Max. All the burgers were top notch. I need to mapquest this Bryson City.

        1. re: lyn

          I loved Jimmy Macs on Armenia and went there for years...
          Sadly I never got to the Gandy location --- just when I set out for it one day, I was crushed to discover they weren't there no mo'...

          I was a 'Bigger Mac' guy!
          The same stuff, just b-bigger!

          1. re: Mild Bill

            the bigger mac was two patties mashed together so the thing had to weigh a pound... I wish the NC Jimmy Macs had a website. I can't fnd any link. I did see they were voted best burger in NC by Southern Living

            1. re: lyn

              Not a link, but looks like there is an e-mail address with the listing here:

                1. re: Mild Bill

                  I live in Cleveland now...trying to imagine how I can get there

                  1. re: lyn

                    OK, I'll meet you at Sokolowski's!


                    1. re: Mild Bill

                      It right down the street from me, and some of the cleve's best comfort food (something they know how to do!)

            2. re: lyn

              Bryson City is west & a little south of Asheville, borders the Great Smokey Nat. Park.

          2. I went to Jimmy Macs on Armenia for years! Does anyone know what happened to the acoustic duo, Johnny HENDRIX and Sam OSBORNE? they were so good. Just wondering!

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            1. re: racquelle

              I happen to be in the Tampa area this week and I was wonering if Jimmy Macs was still open and what the chances of Johnny and Sam still being around. I did a lot of video work with them when I was with a local cable station. I was racking my brain to think of their last names- so thank you-
              Did you get any leads?
              D. Berkowitz

              1. re: Berkowitz

                Debra and Sam osborne were doing fine two years ago. John Hendrix was teaching. If I get any more information will let you know

                1. re: jimmac

                  Johnny was teaching.... Guitar? Voice? just curious. So glad to hear Johnny and Sam are well. Would love to hear if either or both sing and play out anywhere in the area.

                2. re: Berkowitz

                  I JUST came onto to this site after several months. I apologize i didn't answer sooner... Thank you SO much for the information. I am glad Sam is doing well. I have NO idea where Johnny Hendrix might be, he was so good i was hoping to find him playing in the area.
                  I recently moved back to Tampa and I myself play out and sing. Funny... Johnny sounds JUST like the lead singer for JARS OF CLAY. I THOUGHT it might be him, thats how much he sounds like him! Check them out if you haven't.

                  1. re: racquelle

                    Hello! I was just sort of wandering around the net...looking for Jimmy Mac info (I'm in Tampa) and found this site. I Googled "Johnny Hendrix" and found a MySpace page for him.
                    Hope that helps you find your guy! : )