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Aug 7, 2007 01:36 PM

HELP! New to Detroit (city of Macomb), need recs

Just moved to Macomb from Southern California. Miss the GREAT ethnic food there and would love to find great food here in Michigan. Am willing to drive up to 30 minutes for good food on the weekends...but would love to get some closer recomendations for everyday eating as well. I love ALL cuisines, as long as they are well-prepared and tasty! My favs in SoCal were dim sum, Hunan/Sechuan, Salvadorean pupusas, Mexican (especially sopes), French, Japanese (both Teppan and Sushi), fresh seafood, California cuisine. I know that Detroit has a large Iraqi/Chaldean population and a Greektown, so those would also be great cuisines to explore. What else can you recommend? Thanks!!!! :)

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  1. Hey Welcome to the "D"

    This link should get you started. It's from the Metrotimes (Detroit area arts & Ent. weekly) look for the search function on this page, you can search by food type, city, price, etc. Good Luck !

    1. My favorites are Noble Fish in Clawson for sushi (it's a Japanese grocery w/ a sushi counter in back) at 14 and Livernois/Main (depends on which side of 14 Mile you're on) Blue Nile (Ethiopian) in Ferndale on 9 Mile, and Beirut Palace (Lebanese) on Main in Royal Oak.

      1. Our favorite "ethnic" restaurant is Howe's Bayou on Woodward in Ferndale. In the block north of 9 Mile Road(east side of the street). Howe's features Cajun/Creole- inspired dishes. No, it won't duplicate tastes from Coops or Dookey Chase' or Donna's, or Arnaud's, in old N.O.,but it's a swell little bar-restaurant that is welcoming and comfortable. Their Crawfish Bisque is worth the trip alone. I promise.

        1. Aside from the cusines of Greektown and Dearborn, I would recommend Hamtramck, which is a large Polish city within Detroit. Though the food can be an acquired taste, I love it (though admittedly, I grew up on it). Hamtramck's best restaurant, bar none, is the Polish Village Cafe at the corner of Campeau and Yemans. It's small, and has a big crowd at times, but is worth the wait.

          Aside from the well-known Polish fare (pierogies, kielbasa, golabki), I would recommend the Dill Pickle Soup. I know it sounds bizarre, but I assure you that it is delicious.

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            "Aside from the well-known Polish fare (pierogies, kielbasa, golabki), I would recommend the Dill Pickle Soup. I know it sounds bizarre, but I assure you that it is delicious."

            Seconded. That dill pickle soup is amazing, and yes, it *does* sound weird. It's completely vegetarian (pickles, carrots, potatoes, etc.), but it sure does taste good.

            A couple of things about the Polish Village Cafe: it's not *directly* on the corner of Jos Campeau and Yemans...rather, it's on Yemans about a block away from the corner, just past the recently-resurfaced public parking lot. It's not necessarily easy to find, since it is downstairs, but there's usually a crowd on any given evenig.

            The other thing about the PVC is that it's *extremely* affordable, and while the vegetables that come with entrees may not be the best/freshest, you'll be more than happy with the food that you're served, especially if Polish food is your fancy. I happen to *love* their pork chops at $7.95 IIRC, and I always end up taking one of them home with me...and I'm not some little sissy eater, either. But after the bread sticks and soup, then the entree, I'm very satisfied.

            Worth the wait.

            1. re: zachary

              Polish Village Cafe is on of my Detroit favorites.

              Their mushrooms pierogee are incredible. I can't go to PVC without having them and they are always on my Easter table.

              There is a drawback to the place; it gets VERY smokey when it's busy. I try to avoid the place during peak times which is hard to do because they are almost always busy.

            2. Welcome to the area! Will this be your first true fall? If so, make sure you visit a cider mill for fresh pressed cider and hot doughnuts...makes up for the end of summer. In Macomb you are definitely near a lot of orchards, and the Romeo Peach Festival is coming up.

              We like Los Galanes in Detroit's Mexicantown for good, not "cheesy" Mexican food. There's also a very good Mexican grocery in the area, La Colmena. There are several restaurants in Mexicantown that do South American foods--Metro Times is a great resource, also Hour Detroit prints restaurant recommendations each month.

              I'm sure you've been told about Dearborn being the epicenter of things Arab--definitely the best and most authentic experience. If you don't want to go that far, Pita Cafe in Birmingham and Oak Park is awesome, but no liquor license (some Middle Eastern restaurants do serve liquor).

              Royal Oak has a great variety of restaurants, from barbeque to Japanese steak house. It's a fun place to wander on a warm night and check out the scene.

              You'll have to come to Oakland County to find the good stuff, by and large--Trader Joes, Whole Foods, the "gourmetrion" in Rochester. If anyone has any good waterside recommendations by Lake St Clair, I'd like to hear them too!

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                The "gourmetrion" in Rochester and Birmingham is actually Papa Joe's Gourmet Market and Catering, as fine a market as you will ever find. Papa Joe's has 500 produce items, a fabulous wine selection - many of which can be sampled - prepared foods, cheeses, meats and seafood, gourmet grocery items, house baked breads and pastries. The list goes on and on. Also, if you buy meats, poultry or seafood, their chefs will cook it for you - any way you like - at no charge. Mangia.