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Aug 7, 2007 01:28 PM

Thai or Hot Pot... for 50 + good parking???

I've been asked by a group to find a place that fits this criteria and have been looking over the many posts on both... I haven't found anything that seems to fit what we need so now I must ask the CH community for help! (I wish Zone 88 could work but I really don't think there's enough parking in the nabe to handle us...)

The geographic location that has been asked for is San Francisco, the Peninsula or South Bay but I'm open to anything. The main problem seems to be a place that will accommodate a large group and that has readily available parking - so shopping centers come to mind.

Thanks for your help...

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  1. Old Mandarin has a banquet room in the storefront next door. Don't know how many it holds. Tons of easy street parking in the evenings.

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    1. re: Robert Lauriston

      Thanks Robert, I'll check it out - however, I left one detail out - I believe they want to do this as a day-time (lunch) event...

      1. re: RWCFoodie

        They're open from 11:30am to 9:30pm Monday, Wednesday, and Friday through Sunday (Tuesday and Thursday, 5:30-9:30).

    2. Don't know why this didn't occur to me before, but Koi Palace has hot pot and can certainly accomodate 50 with available parking...don't know if they are too pricey, or actually, if they do it at lunch, but worth a thought:

      Koi Palace Restaurant
      365 Gellert Blvd, Daly City, CA 94015

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      1. re: susancinsf

        The hot pot at Koi Palace is delicious, though the focus is more on stellar ingredients than a strongly-flavored broth. You can probably get them to section off a private area for your group -- their VIP room holds 40 and their "Dancing Room" holds 60.

      2. After reading this post I had to really think of where you could have this event. As already posted Koi Palace would work and well as what I could think of. Joy Luck Place in San Mateo could do the same.

        But here is the problem both Koi Palace and Joy Luck serve dim sum for lunch. Would they be able or willing take on this project.

        Good Luck in finding a place.

        There a few other shopping center places but they too serve dim sum or have a large lunch crowd from local businesses. Fifty plus would be a lot for hot pot.

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        1. re: yimster

          Seems like some 99 Ranch Markets are shadowed by Coriya Hot Pot City branches. They are typically large enough for 50 and probably open for lunch.

          1. re: Gary Soup

            The only Coriya Hot Pot City I know of is in Richmond not in the area the OP wanted. But if there is another then let us know.

            1. re: yimster

              Is there still one on Clement (if so, bad parking)? or Milpitas?

              1. re: yimster

                There was one in the mall with a 99 Ranch (Skyline Plaza?) in Daly City as well as Milpitas and Richmond. DC and Milpitas are certainly in bounds.

                1. re: Gary Soup

                  There is one in Miliptas none in Daly City, checked the Yahoo Yellow pages. But that shopping center parking fill up fast in Miliptas. Normally at lunch time on a daily basis it fills up real fast. But Coriya Hot Pot City is a good choice.

                  1. re: yimster

                    It may be gone, but there was one by the 99 Ranch in Daly City which I have seen with my own eyes. One review was of a visit as recently as June 17 this year.


                    1. re: Gary Soup

                      The space has been DIm Sum King for a few years now.