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Stamford Ct -Margot's Wine Cafe Opening?

Across from Lord & Taylors', has anyone heard anything about this place? It looks interesting, there used to be a great pastry/cafe/cheese spot that was fabulous. I hope it will bring some good wholesome food that isn't too expensive.

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  1. There's an article about it in today's Greenwich Time. Right now, it's just breakfast and lunch (strange, for a wine bar!) and home-baked desserts. She's hoping to expand to dinner and catering.

    1. Started by the woman (Margot Olshan) who opened and runs Sono Bakery ... which is high cause for optimism, in my book.

      1. The newspaper article (also in the Stamford Advocate0 says it's opening Friday, which is hard to believe, because it looked to be in total construction disarray just a few days ago. In any case, can't wait! Especially intrigued by the idea of a place for breakfast that's serving (hopefully) other than the usual diner fare.

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        1. Tried it yesterday and the place is awesome. Fun place, great food and the baked goods are out of this world. Try the cinnamon buns and chocolate chip cookies. I understand the bread is baked in house and is the best anywhere,

          1. Just took a little look in Margot's and it looks delicious and very reasonable. I hope you all go and see the beautiful pastries.

            1. Stopped by this morning to pick up some baked goods (cinnamon buns, apricot danish, blueberry muffins). All outrageously good, easily the best baked goods in town. The selection was small, but I'd expect that to grow as the place picks up some steam.

              The lunch menu had sandwiches, salads and a few other things. I'll try them out next chance I get. Also, they are hoping to open for dinner in two or three weeks, and have received a wine & beer license.

              1. I can report that the curried chicken salad and prosciutto/mozzarella sandwiches were excellent (terrific crusty bread, top quality ingredients), as was the cupcake with mocha buttercream frosting (split one with my companion, so I'm only going halfway to hell). I'd like to work my way through the full menu eventually, because it all sounded great, and the burger and fries served to the woman sitting next to us certainly looked wonderful. Even though they're not serving dinner yet, the lunch menu is available till 7 pm. A bit pricey, but definitely worth it for the quality. So happy it's here!

                1. Went here for lunch today - it was very good. Small, simple menu of really yummy food. I had the mozz, proscuitto, roasted pepper pressed sandwich. Their homemade bread is AMAZING. The sandwich was HUGE....the 2nd half will be my dinner later.
                  Pastries looked good, but I was too full to try. Next time. The only thing I would suggest for that space is putting more art up on the walls as it feels a little bare with the high ceilings. Other than that, a nice spot.

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                    are the pastries similar to SONO Bakery?

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                      I can't say for sure since I didn't try one....but didn't Margot come form Sono Bakery? I know she was on one of the Martha Stewart teams...

                      One thing I will say however is the selection is pretty limited. But looked delish nonetheless.

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                        ha, i obviously had a big DUH moment since cteats mentioned she opened sono bakery.

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                        In quality, yes, very close to Sono. In selection, no. Usually 6 or so pastry options, as opposed to the 30 or 40 at Sono.

                    2. I agree with you about the walls needing more art. The place feels a little... empty? Sterile? SoNo B. also has a very clean feel, so this might just be Margot's style. Not my style, but I do appreciate the idea of neatness and order when food is involved! I think the place will feel warmer once there's more of a crowd. It's pretty busy at lunch, but I often see it very empty. That's normal, but it's such a great place I'd love to see it full at 10 am and 2 pm! Or am I just wishing I lived in NYC? Or in a place where people just chilled and ate rather than drove and shopped...

                      1. Margot's is this week's review in the Advocate.


                        I haven't tried it for dinner yet, but will probably give her a chance one of these days...

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                          I've tried it for dinner twice now. Actually found it by accident looking for morning coffee. My savory bun and european-sized cuppa instantly transported me out of the strip mall.

                          Dinner. Fortunately there were several of us both times, so we did a lot of sharing. The calamari was some of the best I have had. Wide cut rings, not oily, and the vinaigrette dip was a relief from the usual aioli. I'm not a chicken wing guy but fortunately one of our party ordered the twice-fried wings and cajoled me into trying one. I'm still not going to order the Buffalo wings at chain restaurants, but I will ALWAYS order the twice-frieds at Margot. They are a crispy treat that can't be beat.

                          The coffee-marinated pork tenderloin sounded so weird I had to try it on my first visit. What a great combo of flavors. As we all poked bites off of each other's plates one thing that struck me was the variety of flavors. This is definitely not a place that has a couple of sauces that they mix and match with everything on the menu. Every one of the entrees I tasted had a truly unique flavor.

                          What looked like tater tots in the pulled pork stew turned out to be little cubes of polenta that I guess had been fried so they had a crispy outside and a soft inside. (On the second visit the little cubes had morphed into big triangles served on top of the stew.) On my second visit, I had the short ribs. (OK, I admit, I would eat roadkill if it came with garlic mashed potatoes.) The meat fell off the bone and the garlic mashed had what for me is the perfect combination of creaminess and lumps. They are the "real deal." Maybe it was all the tasting but I ended up taking two of my ribs home for another meal. (The portions at Margot are big and could be shared while exploring their boutique wines by the glass.)

                          We had kids with us on the second visit and the chicken scarpariello turned out to be too spicy for them. But somehow the plate ended up empty. Hmmm, maybe that's why I couldn't finish my ribs.

                          By the time we got to desert we abandoned personal preference and just ordered a bunch of stuff. While the hazelnut cake and some murderous chocolate thing with cake and a truffle got ooohs and aaaahs I have to say I have found my new drug of choice: the churros. I'm not talkin' ballpark churros. These are a large cup of bite-sized made-to-order cinnamon-covered bombs served with a demitasse cup of dipping chocolate. Just writing about it makes me want to get in the car and head for Bull's Head.

                          Obviously I've become a fan of Margot and will be returning often. It's a comfortable place that has serious food and service, but they are doing it in a warm and friendly way. So, for everyone above who has been trading comments about dinner, the bell is ringing.

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                            We went to Margot a few weeks ago for dinner, looking for a local wine bar to enjoy some cheese, a tasty meal, and a bottle of red. After finding the website intriguing and inviting we just had to see what it was about. As we walked in the decor was cozy and warm, small candlelight at the table, and a great looking bar. Homemade potato chips were brought over, a nice touch to pick on as we ordered our wine and looked over the menu. This would have gone great with some dipping sauce. We ordered the cheese plate to begin, which came with no description on the menu, or from the waitress. While 2 of the 3 selections were enjoyable, we couldn't decipher the 3rd. Another recent recurrence in some restaurants is the fruit preserve wedge. After a couple experiences with this, we discovered how much more flavorful and presentable a nice marmalade or jam can compliment the dish. The bottle of wine we decided on was very good, and the salad was fresh and delicious. When it came time to order entrees, we were informed that one or more of the specials may have run out. This was a bit discouraging but there are many enticing items to choose from. One of the orders we chose was the skirt steak with chimichurri. When it arrived, cooked nicely, but with only a dollop of chimichurri, it was a little disappointing. Yes, you could ask for some extra on the side, but we weren't in the mood. The waitress did not seem too familiar with the items on the menu, and just seemed somewhat aloof. Overall, it was a decent experience. There are definitely things that can be improved upon. I sense that we will give it another chance when we are in the neighborhood.