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Aug 7, 2007 01:21 PM

El Paso Cafe in Arlington

I've only had the beef and chicken fajitas at El Paso Cafe and have loved them both, but I would like to expand my choices there. Any recommendations? Thanks.

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  1. The ceviche is pretty yummy - it's not the best I've had in the area, but the portion is huge and it tends to satisfy.

    I have liked just about everything I've ordered there. Taquitos, pork and cheese pupusas, some sort of steak and shrimp dish that was excellent, lobster tacos (a special), queso. My boyfriend got some sort of chicken with peppers special that was great. I'd sample some of the Salvadoran selections, for sure.

    1. Oh, and carnitas are great there too!

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        Thanks for your input. We went before you posted and got an order of beef fajitas (I love them!) and fish tacos (a special that night). Both were great. I'm a huge fan of this place.

      2. i've never had a bad meal there. That's my old stomping grounds too. The restaurant used to be a Post Office. So I wouldn't be lying by saying that I registered for the selective service at a Tex-Mex Restaurant.

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          That's pretty funny. Sounds similar to Full Kee in Bailey's Crossroads which I think is in what used to be a bank.

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            Well, I hope nobody posts that their father bought the farm at Full Kee.