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Aug 7, 2007 01:17 PM

mediterranean on oltorf?

Has anyone tried the mediterranean in the shopping center at Douglas and Oltorf? Just moved to this area and am happy to be so close to Java Noodles and Hai Ky.

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  1. Are you talking about that place called New Jerusalem? If so it is awesome!! Good, down home food you'd expect to find at a family table somewhere. Served on plates like youd find at your mamas house! Ive had several dishes there that are fabulous. And the TV is always tuned into Middle East news!!

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      What are some other places in town that are "awesome".I'd love to get a barometer on your palate.Could you provide a capsule description of the several dishes that are fabulous?What is the specialty of the house and/or what the regular customers say is the best.Thanks

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        Yes, New Jerusalem! Thanks for the tips. Could you recommend anything specific?

      2. Eek, I'm not sure about this one, but I had a meal there a few months back that was only memorable because it was bad. Some sort of salad... perhaps their other options are better and I just chose poorly. Let me know!

        1. I regularly get the Kofta Wrap & the Lentil Soup. Both rock !.Spicy, cheap, interesting ethnic chow. The Kofta is spiced/herbed ground meat (lamb?beef?) sauteed, topped with grilled onions, tomatoes & chopped lettuce & tucked into a fluffy pita. Lentil soup is loaded with carrots'n'celery & seems vege. Aromatically scented & very soothing.