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Chicken Liver Recipes?

Not pate though, want to serve it hot, Any suggestions? There are 0 recipes on this Board? Thanks

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  1. I would go to ..Foodieview.com...and in the serch column...just put in liver and you should get a slew of liver recipe...it is really a good site

    1. My favorite pasta sauce incorporates chicken livers, veal stew meat, and bacon. I will try to find the recipe and post it. I also like to saute chicken livers and add them to a salad.

      1. sautéed chicken livers in butter, flambe with some Brandy, add spinach and bacon, and add to risotto

        1. While breaking down a chicken the other day, I removed the livers and quickly sauted them in butter until just pink in the center. Degalzed the pan with wine and thickened with butter. This was poured over the livers. Great snack for the cook while working.

          1. The best chicken livers I ever had were in a salad at Zuni in San Fran. They were simply sauteed in butter with garlic then added to a spinach salad with a few add ins that I've now forgotten. The saute method makes them melt in your mouth though.....YUMMMMM!

            1. I am partial to chicken liver crostini. Saute livers in olive oil with garlic and onions, season with s&p, parsley and capers. Spread on toasted Italian bread, heat beneath the broiler and serve.

              Also, Jewish chopped liver made with schmaltz, onions, s&p and topped with gribenes are great hot on bread.

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                  Basically it's rendered Chicken fat. You can do it yourself or I have seen jars of it in the ethnic aisles of some supermarkets. If you know of a good Jewish deli they may be able to help.

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                    I rarely see it in ethnic aisles unless there is a very Jewish population somewhere around the neighborhood. Schmaltz can easily made by taking chicken skin and fat (no meat), cooking it over low heat in a sauce pan until all the fat has liquified and the skin has become crispy (gribenes).

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                    Mmmm...crostini di fegatini. An excellent choice for chicken livers.

                    Chicken livers are also great added to stuffing.

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                      I forgot about that. I have a recipe for Italian sausage-currant stuffing that is outrageous with chopped chicken livers. It doesn't really highlight the liver flavor, though it is one of my favorite foods at Thanksgiving.

                  3. My mother used to save up chicken livers till she had enough for appetizer. Season with salt, pepper, garlic, saute in oil with chopped onions and fresh mushrooms, pour wine (whatever was open!) and serve over toast points. I haven't had this in years, but it sure was tasty.

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                      Devein l lb.livers, and cut into pieces. Fry four strips of bacon until crisp, remove and crumble, and save the fat,

                      Dredge the livers in flour, salt and pepper, and fry in the bacon fat until browned. Add 1/2 cup white wine , cover, and cook on medium heat for 6 minutes. Sprinkle with bacon bits and parsley, and serve with rice.

                    2. An old favorite from the american south, chicken fried chicken livers - mix some cornmeal, lots of black pepper, red pepper, salt, whatever other spices you like, dredge the livers in this, fry briefly in HOT rendered bacon fat and serve topped with onions that have been fried in the pan after the livers come out. Nice with collards and cold beer.

                      1. Mario Batali has some wonderful recipes for chicken livers on the Food Network website. Try one of these:

                        If you go to this link, you'll have lots of choices:


                        1. One of my favorite Italian dishes is chicken livers in a rich marinara (on the sweeter side, no acid) and with spring peas and baby carrots. This is a sauce that requires a lot of simmering to develop that deep red mahogany color, nice and thick with chicken livers over spaghetti. YUMMMMMMMMMMM!
                          Of course you can only have it once or twice a year.

                          1. Chicken livers are also really delicious prepared in Indian curries. Saute 2 cups sliced onion in 1 TB neutral oil over medium heat until VERY soft and translucent. Add 1-2 TB Madras curry powder or curry paste and cook for a few seconds until fragrant. Throw in a few bay leaves, add the cleaned, rinsed and drained chicken livers (16-20 oz.), stir gently and cook until barely done inside. Adjust the sauce for salt and spice (e.g. more water if too salty, more salt if bland, same for spice). Serve with hot Jasmine rice...it's one of my favorites!