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Aug 7, 2007 01:15 PM

Chicken Liver Recipes?

Not pate though, want to serve it hot, Any suggestions? There are 0 recipes on this Board? Thanks

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  1. I would go to in the serch column...just put in liver and you should get a slew of liver is really a good site

    1. My favorite pasta sauce incorporates chicken livers, veal stew meat, and bacon. I will try to find the recipe and post it. I also like to saute chicken livers and add them to a salad.

      1. sautéed chicken livers in butter, flambe with some Brandy, add spinach and bacon, and add to risotto

        1. While breaking down a chicken the other day, I removed the livers and quickly sauted them in butter until just pink in the center. Degalzed the pan with wine and thickened with butter. This was poured over the livers. Great snack for the cook while working.

          1. The best chicken livers I ever had were in a salad at Zuni in San Fran. They were simply sauteed in butter with garlic then added to a spinach salad with a few add ins that I've now forgotten. The saute method makes them melt in your mouth though.....YUMMMMM!