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Aug 7, 2007 01:10 PM

Burmese Cafe in JH

Passed by this cafe, twice on the way to UFO & wondered about it. Has anyone eaten there?

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  1. The revamped search function works pretty well. Try using the "Search this board" link to the right of the OUTER BOROUGHS header, and type Burmese Cafe.

    Here's the main thread so far, with the most recent feedback from a month ago:

    I've enjoyed the tea leaf salad and pork curry with pickled mangoes.

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    1. re: MumonA

      Fish cake salad was also great as was the yellow lentil fritter salad. The nan and beans was also awesome. The pink banana coconut cake, however, was a bit of an acquired taste.

    2. I really liked this place! I had a home-cooked Burmese meal once and have forever been trying to find something similar in a restaurant. Burmese food is pretty hard to categorize--you feel all the influences of regions around it: India, China, Thailand, but it is definitely it's own unique animal. I had a great meal here a few months ago, and would urge you to try it. For sure try the tea lef salad, it's so unusual. The owner is a super nice guy and worth asking for rec's.

      1. Just went for the first time this weekend, and we really enjoyed it. We had the tea leaf salad, and its as compelling and tasty as everyone says it is. We also had the pork and mango curry which was delicious. On another post, someone said that the pork was dry, but ours was falling off the bone tender and marvelous. Just not all that much of it in the dish - still, a fine dish for the price. We also got one of the Chinese style dishes, it was chicken with vegetables served on rice in a brown sauce. It was very good, tasted extremely fresh and each item maintained its integrity. However, it was hard to get excited about, after the complexity of the salad and curry. I recommend it, give it a try - great prices, too.

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          I'm assuming this is a BYOB place?

          I picked up a menu on Saturday and didn't see any booze on the menu.


          1. re: glorypea

            sorry to hear you went to a restaurant, instead of the burmese fun fair!


            speaking for myself, had an excellent eats, but not sure if what we had are found in restaurant menus, if its snack foods and the like; since the event already passed, try to mark for your calendar or keep in mind this event for next year. should be around the same time.

            1. re: bigjeff

              I've been to both several times. There's very little overlap with what was served at the fair vs what's on the menu at the Burmese Cafe other than the Mohinga.
              They are very different but both are excellent.

              1. re: el jefe

                great, good to hear. any outstanding restaurant recs?

          2. Contrary to most of the opinions on this board, I wasn't too crazy about this place. We shared the tea leaf salad, samosas and curry with goat heart, lamb and kidney. The tea leaf salad was nowhere as complex and delicious as the one I had in Philly's Rangoon. Now they made a mean fermented tea leaf salad with so many different textures and layers of flavor. Burmese Cafe's rendition was a bit too salty and soggy in contrast. The samosas were well-fried. Our curry was served cold/room temperature. I think that's how it's meant to be served as the other two dishes were served properly so I didn't send it back. I'm not a fan of cold offal or cold curry for that matter. I missed the Burmese fair as I was out of town that weekend. Guess I'll wait until next year.

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            1. re: Miss Needle

              miss needle; for sure, make yourself available mid-august next year! great event and great food, highly recommend everyone to check it out; and such nice folks as well.