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Aug 7, 2007 01:08 PM

Nachos like back home...

Growing up in Hamilton, Ontario (about an hour from Toronto), there isn't much to miss about the food back home.

One guilty pleasure, though, is the nachos you can find at every one of the dozens of generic sports bars in the area. Nachos generally arrive heaped on a plate, covered in jalepenos, chili or shredded chicken (or both), sometimes sliced black olives, topped with shredded (NOT liquid) cheese. The whole mess gets stuck under a broiler until the cheese on top melts / browns. Small dishes of salsa and sour cream always accompany the nachos.

Anyone found anything similar in the city? Queens/Brooklyn is just fine too. Bonus points to anyone who knows of anywhere that has video trivia (the bar game using the wireless keyboards you can play from your table - very popular in Canada / the midwest).

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  1. I ate at Alias a while back on the LES. Someone at the table next to mine had nachos and they looked AMAZING.

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      professor thom's on 2nd btwn 13 and 14th has great nachos right out of the oven...not sure about video trivia, but they are a laid back bar with a ton of tvs.

    2. I've never ordered them since the buffalo wings special is so good, but the nachos at 1849 look absolutely AMAZING. It's a huge plate with all the toppings you mentioned. Easily 2 lbs. of nachos. Unfortunately no video trivia.

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        Fantastic... thanks for the leads folks!

      2. I don't know about the nachos ... but as for the game, I saw people playing it last Friday at George Keeley's (uws).