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Aug 7, 2007 12:40 PM

New Years in NYC

My husband and I will be in NYC inbetween Christmas and New Years and want to visit the very best eateries...anything from pricey to pennies. Doesn't matter...

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  1. The original comment has been removed
    1. "The very best eateries"- so you've narrowed it down to maybe 500 restaurants. I think that you'll get more satisfactory replies if you narrow things down a bit - give us an idea of the type of cusine you like, where you'll be staying, any types of food you don't care for, etc.
      As you posted it, your question is way too broad.

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      1. re: Ann900

        thanks ann900. okay to get more specific, we will be there for five nights and want to visit the best in each neighborhood! soho, tribeca, meat packing district...and we happen to love hearty, american, rich, yummy food. steaks, pork chops, good soup...well i think this is just too hard...because to be honest, we love sushi and thai and italian and indian too...i need to spend some time thinking on this one! thanks for your help, anyways :)

        1. re: MParnell

          Hearth, Babbo, Masa, Per Se and Pastis - that should give you a good sampling and you'll be about $5,000 poorer once you go back home.

      2. Ben & Jacks (get the Ben & Jack's salad and the steak for two), The Modern Bar Room (or the regular dining room, but the Bar room is much more fun, less $$$, and great atmosphere), 44 & X, Sripraphai (in Queens, but DEFINITELY worth the trip), Pink Teacup (for breakfast/brunch), Barney Greengrass (for breakfast/brunch).

        1. So, MParnell, how'd it go?

          1. Peter Lugar's
            Sushi Yasuda
            Per se
            Eleven Madison Park

            Shake Shack or Corner Bistro
            Di Fara Pizza or Artichoke
            Hill Country

            Cones or Il labritorio del gelato
            Batch or Chickalicious
            Patisserie Claude