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Favorite Indian Dish

For those who consider themselves true Indian food devotees: what is your favorite thing to order at restaurants?

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  1. Malai Kofta....YUUUUUUUUUMMMMM! I'm not a vegetarian by any means, but there is something about those little veggie and chickpea flour balls that is so good. Malai Kofta and some garlic naan to wipe up the sauce? Nothing beats it.

    1. Palak paneer -- spinach with cheese cubes. Every time. Yum.

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      1. re: homecook1

        Mutter Paneer, chicken tikka masalah

        1. re: smartie

          Lamb Korma....Lamb Vindaloo and Aluu Gobi....w/ garlic Na'an......perfect combination of flavors

        2. re: homecook1

          My favorite as well, along with a good Masala and garlic roti

        3. I love malai kofta, and palak paneer, and today someone at my work had some channa massala which is a darn good way to eat your legumes. But what really gets me is a great samosa!

          1. palak paneer devotee here, too!

            Onion Bhaji's..

            **insert Homer drooling noise**

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              Any sort of dahl (chick peas, lentils, etc.) and most vegetable curries (eggplant, cauliflower or tomato and potato, etc).

              This is why we often go to buffets. For my wife, all curries must be based on meat or fish, so she can have them, and I can get my veggies,

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                matar paneer and palak paneer

                and masala dosa, when available

              2. Makhani murghi (the infamous "Butter chicken") and palak paneer. A really good, flaky lamb samosa can do me in, too. If I'm feeling especially decadent, I do love mutton biryani, some very spicy pav bhaji and gulab jamun.

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                  Butter Chicken!!!!

                  Also, Karahi Gosht and Aachar Chicken with fesh naan.

                2. I dont know what my favorite dish is since most of the best dishes are never served in restaurants, so I've never tried them. http://www.chowhound.com/topics/400385 I'll tell you a restaurant dish I have new respect for: chicken tikka masala. I scorned it as something invented in England. But a friend made it using the recipe in Cook's Illustrated... which probably takes some shortcuts. I was amazed by how complex it was, and how difficult to make. It took hours. http://www.chowhound.com/topics/426644

                  1. I don't know if this counts as true indian food, but I'm going to say gobi manchurian. If I see it on a menu I will just have to order it. I also love a good lucha paratha. and of course, the mighty dosa...

                    1. without a doubt - MASALA DOSA!

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                          I'll second that! With a good coconut/corriander chutney.

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                            I third, fourth AND fifth. And I'll add vada to the mix.

                          2. Chana masala, baigan bharta, dosas, and anything with okra. Oh, and that naan with all the fruit and nuts in it.

                            Not too keen on the paneer, though, which I guess makes me the black sheep of vegetarians.

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                              Glad I am not alone. One more vegetarian who doesn't get paneer :)

                            2. In restaurants, aloo gobi and chana masala. With lots of naan!

                              At home, I love rogan josh.

                              1. Saag with anything in it - lamb, cheese, garbanzos. And a just-this-minute fried puri to scoop it up. And some of that soft-serve mango ice cream that one of our local Indian restaurants offers.

                                1. Bhindi (okra) masala.

                                  I'm almost exclusively carnivorous at Indian restaurants. But that's my favorite non-meat dish.

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                                    Anybody wants any authentic indian vegetarian recipe, I can provide it including the chutnies or daals :) I love cooking indian vegetarian food, and make it very often. My favorite being the bhindi masala!

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                                      Amishad, I'll gladly take any veggie recipes you'd like to share. My son is vegetarian, and we all love vegetarian Indian food. We don't have any vegetables that we dislike, either.

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                                        Oh! Gladly! :) Is there any vegetable dish that you particularly like? I could give you a recipe accordingly. Please do let me know and I could put it up on my blog.

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                                        Amishad, do you have a good channa masala recipe??? I've had some difficulty getting the spices right with dals in the past.

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                                          Hey roasted138! Sure, its funny, I just made it today with garbanzo beans. I will put it up on my blog and let you know once I am done. The one tip that I could give instantly is that once you make any kinda daal, it somehow always tastes better the next day, coz of the flavors encorporating with the lentils.

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                                            Hi Amishad, thanks for the response! That sounds great, I'm excited to try it. I just looked at your blog and I may also have to try the vegetable koftas, those sound really tasty! Thanks again.

                                            1. re: roasted138

                                              hey roasted138! I have the recipe up on my blog. Enjoy. Do let me know how it turns out!! :)

                                              1. re: amishad

                                                Thanks so much amishad! I will indeed keep you posted!

                                      1. If I see them on the menu, I order iddli with coriander chutney. Other than that, aloo gobi.

                                        1. Chana masala
                                          Mushroom Bahji - the killer vegetarian dish that satisfies like a meat dish

                                          1. Methu vada, little fried dough nuts with the attendant chutneys and the sauces. And of course with the sambar.

                                            Lamb biryani, done correctly. I have had way too many that was just treated like a regular rice dish, the flavors weren't cooked into the rice properly.

                                            And saag paneer.

                                            1. Dosa of any sort (sometimes plain paper dosa really hits the spot), plain vada (maybe with yogurt), avial, and bhel poori. Oh, and freshly fried cashews.

                                              That wasn't a single dish at all, was it. ;)

                                              1. i'll be different - rasmalai

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                                                1. re: fara

                                                  Definitely butter chicken or CTM (depends on the restaurant), channa samosa, channa batura, chaat in general and jalebi. Yes, I have difficulty in choosing and wind up overordering at indian places.

                                                2. Any kind of dahl, paneer 65

                                                  1. At restaurants, iddli with sambhar, or any dosa with sambhar and coconut chutney. I'm also a fan of navrattan korma, but can't eat much of it because it's so rich, so I get a little at buffets if they have it.

                                                    Also, at groceries or sweets shops, besan ladoo, but they have to use fresh oil. My fave snack is chakri, but again the oil must be fresh. It makes all the difference.

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                                                    1. re: amyzan

                                                      Like your choices, amyzan. Had to look up chakri, though. I've never had it fresh.

                                                      1. re: cimui

                                                        I haven't found chakri made locally, but we get it at a local grocery shipped from Chicago. When they use fresh oil, it's very good. An Indian lady shopper there insisted I always have a sample before buying snacks. She said it's the norm in India, so you know what you're purchasing is fresh, and that it's entirely acceptable to ask if one isn't offered. Good advice! I have a chakri recipe but don't have a good set up for frying at home.

                                                    2. Butter chicken, aloo gobi, palak paneer, saag paneer, lamb roganjosh...

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                                                      1. re: John Manzo

                                                        good list! I'd add tandoori and hot naan or paratha slathered in butter....

                                                      2. I love snack foods, too. My favorite S. Indian are varieties of dosas, Mysore masala is probably my fave. My fave N. Indian-Pakistani are snacks like dahi bhalle it is this lentil dumpling served in yoghurt and with sweet, sour, and spicy sauces on top plus fresh chopped chilies and cilantro, and then mixed chaat with all the crunchy stuff, lentils, chick peas, chopped unripened mango, and extra tamarind water for sourness. I think I could survive on that stuff alone.

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                                                          Yeah, I had that in San Diego on my last visit. It's a positive riot of flavors, and delicious, but you have to eat it fast before the crunchy bits go soft! There's another delicious snack where cubed cold cooked potato is mixed with chole (cooked chickpeas) and served over crunchy bhel puri with yogurt and the cilantro and tamarind sauces drizzled over. It seems like there are endless variations to suit anyone's tastes, all with similar elements of sweet, sour, and spicy.

                                                        2. I usually alternate between: saag (lamb or paneer), lamb vindaloo, lamb rogan josh. I prefer puri as my sauce and basmati rice delivery system.

                                                          Samosas are their own food group.

                                                          1. I'll be the 'gringo' here and say tikka masala. There hasn't been any Indian food I've come across that I haven't liked (except for paan), but something in me just grows weak at the smell of that creamy red masala sauce and freshly baked naan just asking to be doused. I wonder what that same sauce would be like with lamb or paneer instead of chicken, mmmm.

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                                                              As I said above, I used to sneer at tikka masala until one of my friends cooked it and I saw how difficult it was! Took hours to get it right, lots of work.

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                                                                The red sauce tastes awesome with paneer!!

                                                                1. re: amishad

                                                                  Why aren't there other dishes with the same sauce? Or are there?

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                                                                    there are dishes with the same sauce, just depends on the restaurant I guess.

                                                              2. bharta chole

                                                                now i am dying for one of those big puffy puris.

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                                                                1. re: Brandon Nelson

                                                                  Vegetable curry, samosa, matar paneer, stuffed nan, onion bhaji. onion chutney, bujia.

                                                                  Amishad, I would love recipes for the latter three, if you have them. I made onion chutney once and it was a disaster. I did make my own paneer and it was quite tasty. Go figure; one would think making paneer was the more complex of the two recipes.

                                                                  1. re: MysticYoYo

                                                                    Hi MysticYoYo, sure, will look into it. What kind of bujia is this? there can be various kinds like egg for example.