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Aug 7, 2007 12:29 PM

RW Week Plans

Pigalle tonight for dinner.
Aquitaine tomorrow for lunch.
Taranta for dinner on Thursday.
Sibling Rivalry for dinner on the 17th.

All new to me.

Any advance help or warnings?
Was impressed by the breadth of Pigalle's offerings:

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  1. bgavin, sounds like we're on the same page. Would love if you could post a review of your Taranta & Aquitaine RW experiences. I'm headed to Taranta next week, Aquitaine for dinner tomorrow.

    (Also on tap: Sorellina.)

    1. Pigalle has a good track record for RW. They offer a wide range of choices, the food is well-executed (mmm duck), and the service is actually competent. I'm also heading to Taranta based on good experiences reported on the board.

      1. I have been to "Fight Night" at Sibling Rivalry which is offered every Monday evening. The Sous Chefs use the same ingredients to creat the 3 courses, and it is a great value, I believe $33 for 3 courses. You have the option of two different menus and it isn't at all crowded.

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        1. re: jules127

          Never been to the "Fight Night" but it is $35 according to the website.

          I did go to there for RW tonight though. The menu offering was an expanded version (a full page of appetizer options and another full page of entree options) of the RW menu posted, with a few changes. So, while I couldn't order the soft shell crab I was looking forward to, I did get two fat pillows of lobster ravioli. The duck was still on the menu in all its flat crispy glory. I'm glad my friend was willing to split, so I could have both the pretty, light tasting chocolate dessert, and the warm, comforting berry crisp. Oh, and the toast of the bread basket was a fruity sconey slice.

          1. re: content

            Did you get my lobster ravioli order? I was so looking forward to that but they were out when we got there at 8:45. Damn. I couldn't believe all the choices SR had for Rest. Week, I thought he forgot to give us the RW menu. And so many sounded good. I ended up with the quail in hoison sauce and polenta to start and halibut for a main. Both very good altho the quail had bones but was advertised as deboned. Nice taste and the light cream sauce with the halibut was delicious. Served with some greens and who can remember what else, they've got a lot of stuff going on with their dishes. Friend had the tomato/moz salad which looked a little different, a big batch of greens and the tomatoes weren't esp. pretty. Scallops were delicious. We didn't have a scone in the basket but the salty brioche was delicious. My lemon tart wasn't too exciting but the chocolate mousse was great. She had a pinot grigio and I had a watermelon martini which was fine but not as good as a similar drink I had on vacation. Pleasant eating outside, decent service altho some lapses esp. waiting for the drinks. The dining room was very busy, bar somewhat, not so much outside which was surprising on a great nite. I'm tempted to hit them up again since the menu had so many great options.

        2. I'm new to Boston and new to RW, so I'm shooting in the dark on my ideas. Would love to hear suggestions--and after the other Pigalle review, I think it's on my list, as well as the popular-to-chowhounds Aquitaine and Taranta. What about Sel de la Terre? L'Espalier? Mistral? Petit Robert? So excited!

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          1. re: Nora Rocket

            You may have to take what you can get at this point. These things get booked quickly, esp. the popular restaurants (Mistral etc). Petit Robert is cheap enough that I'd not go during RW. Is L'esp on the list?

            1. re: Joanie

              L'Espalier is on for lunch only.

              1. re: Joanie

                Joanie: L'espalier is on the list, yes. Good thought on PR and its cost; I nixed a few off my list of "to do" because I can afford them in a good month or will go anyway. This was to be a pie-in-the-sky eating endeavour for me, but dang my late-to-the-party-ness! Maybe I can slip away for a lot of lunches, when things might be less packed? Good to know for next year; I didn't even know of RW up until very very recently.

                1. re: Nora Rocket

                  Or just stop in and see what you can get at the bar. I never make RW week reservations unless there's at least 3 or 4 of us. I usually just see if I can squeeze in at the bar.