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Aug 7, 2007 12:12 PM

Brunch for Mom's 60th b'day ... my suggestions

Coming up from Manhattan (Boston native) to take mom out for her 60th birthday, as the title might suggest. I've been told by a few, and from some research here on the board that these three might be some good ideas. I've never been to any of them.

- Henriettas
- Blue Room
- Upstairs on the Square

I'm looking to avoid something that's overrated. I'm not concerned about cost. I made the mistake of taking her to the Heartwell House a couple of years ago based on "older folks'" recommendations. Big mistake. It might have been a nice place a long time ago. Out of these three ... what would you suggest? And we're all a little bored of Eggs Bennie.

Your help is much appreciated.

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  1. Good choices. Checkout Meritage at the Boston Harbor Hotel.

    1. Henrietta's Table and Blue Room are both buffets. Henrietta's is very good, with too many options, though not quite worth the $40/person. It's also a zoo. I'm not sure I'd take someone there for a birthday.

      Upstairs on the Square is lovely. Their brunch is lovely. It's a little too frilly for me, but my girly girlfriends adore it.

      Have you looked at East Coast Grill? If your mom likes a spicy twist on the brunch, this might be a nice idea. I've heard the duck relleno is amazing. The only buffet is a bloody mary bar.

      1. The Four Seasons sounds like it's the ultimate brunch.

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          We went there for my mom's 60th, and it was great. Buffet style, though, if that bugs you. I can't remember everything, but there was a raw bar, dim sum station, carving station, some kind of breads n' spreads table, plus breakfast/lunch entree stuff. And desserts, include creme brulee in these teeny ramekins (perfect). We were there for hours...

        2. Henrietta's would be my choice- I wish I had gone there on my 60th! I had Henrietta's brunch on Easter Sunday and it was a bit of a zoo but the staff is really good at smoothing the way and that was a really busy day. I like to graze and was really happy with their extensive choices of pates. cheeses and grilled vegetables. They do make omelets to order and eggs bennie but they offer lots of other items and have a carving station and a dessert station (probably the weakest offering but still made in house). We had a dedicated waiter (rather than a float) who was very attentive and brought drinks, water, extra whatevers we needed. I mean to go back. It was annoying to have to pay for parking at the hotel but then you could wander over to the Farmer's Market after brunch.

          1. I think that the brunch at Harvest looks good - never been though. However I can recommend the brunch at Aquitaine in the South End, in you're in the mood for something French.