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Brio in Mount Kisco

A new Mediteranian restaurant on 117 is due to open soon and I was curious if anyone had any info on the owners or chef. We desperately need something good and different in Mount Kisco. The lot has been paved and I saw a produce delivery truck there today. Anyone have the scoop?

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  1. I saw it mentioned recently in one of the local publications - from what I remembered it's going to be a small plates & wine bar kind of place - but I don't remember if it mentioned owners or chef. Sorry I can't be of more help! (I'm still waiting to see if the Thai place going in on Lexington gets any good buzz!)

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      Hey, thanks for the response. What Thai place is opening on Lexington? What building are they going into? Please, do tell...

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        I think it's supposed to be called Thai Angels? It's going in near where the Lexington Ave Bakery used to be (can't remember the name of the place that is there now) - in the same building that used to be some kind of bar/steak place. They redid the roof with a green Asian look, and there was a sign in the window for a bit saying "Thai restaurant coming soon" - and just recently the Thai Angels sign went up. Don't love the location (not sure what the parking situation is), and I haven't heard anything about it, but one can always hope!!

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          I've been told that Thai Angels will be run by the woman who owns the Chinese takeout Ah Fun in downtown Mt. Kisco. Previously the place was called Bert's Pub but I think that they have been out of business for a long time.

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            I have heard that Bert's was last an underground bar/strip club that was open only on occasional Saturday nights. I hope they have cleaned it up!

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        I've heard that Brio is owned by the son of the former owner of John's Best which was at that location previously.

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          Ugh, you know - I'm a bit brain dead this week - I read the original post too quickly. I was thinking about the new place going in where bolobar was on 117/133 - across from the Mt. Kisco Diner. That's supposed to be the small plates/wine bar place - not Brio. Apologies for the confusion.

          Ah Fun - is that the one that advertises Chinese & Mexican? That combo has always scared me off a bit (which I should probably get over) - anyone know if it's any good? I

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            Regarding Ah Fun.....Yup.Draw your own conclusions

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              It's a shame wht happened to Bolobar. Such a great place to go with friends after dinner. I hope the new owner will be successful there. We need a place like that around here.

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                Chocolate Chick, the place that took over Bolo Bar is called Pour Cafe & Wine Bar, it has been getting a lot of press lately, have you been?

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                  I haven't been yet, but met the owner. He was great and wanted to have something upscale for wine enthusiasts. However, he wasn't serving mixed drinks, only wine, so I heard he's changing his concept a bit.

                  Has anyone else been?

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                    I've been and it's very nice - especially if you are just wanting a lounge kind of place to meet up with friends for some wine. The decor is contemporary and comfortable, and the service very amiable. I particularly like their "special" wines that they highlight each evening, which come in a personal carafe and equals 1.5 glasses - perfectly sized for me. I have not however tried any of their food offerings - from what I've heard, I'd love it if they had more of a kitchen, but I don't think that is in the cards.

        2. Has anyone been to Brio for lunch? How are the prices? They have the menu posted on their website http://www.brioristorante.com/index_0... but there are no prices, and that is never a good sign, Someone posted in a different thread that they had dinner there and it was good, but overpriced ($21 for a salad).

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            I stopped by today and picked up menus, which I have scanned and posted here. Wow, they're expensive for lunch (generally $14+)! Not clear how readable they are since CH seems to make them smaller.

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              Has anyone seen the interior of Brio? The old John's was utilitarian, at best, so I was wondering what they have done there.

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                Yes, I've had dinner there. They did a beautiful job on the remodeling. It has a warm, rustic feel. There are brick walls and candles lit. They have a chic bar area separate from the dining room.

                The food is very expensive and good, but not exceptional compared to the prices.

            2. In the Journal News last week there was an article about this place and they indicated he was opening one in Fishkill. I wonder if it will be where Via 9 Nove (sp?) used to be?

              1. whoever posted before me is correct it is the son of John's Best, his name is Paul and the head chef is named Dan Rubino, it's amazinG, you all should come check it out!!

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                  I've had dinner at Brio twice - expensive but some unusual and very well prepared dishes. I highly recommend it.