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Aug 7, 2007 12:03 PM

Culver City Restaurants that deliver???

My father-in-law is homebound in hospice...he has cancer. He loves restaurant food!! He lives 1 block south of Venice and 2 blocks east of La Cienega. Does anyone know of any restaurants that deliver to where he lives on Dauphin?? We'd sure appreciate your help!

Michele :-)

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  1. Here's a link to Culver City restaurants that deliver (according to menupages). You won't know if they will deliver to your dad's address until you call them. You might let them know about his medical condition to see if they would make an exception for him if he is outside their delivery area. Also Thai Boom on Venice Delivers and they have a very liberal delivery area policy according to people who have posted here previously.

    1. I think a lot of Culver City restaurants use La Cienega as a delivery boundary unfortunately. I agree with servorg you should mention the situation maybe they'll do an exception. Xotik kitchen is very close to La Cienega, so they would probably definitely deliver. Best wishes for your father-in-law.

      1. I live on the other side of La Cienega from your father in law -- we have gotten delivery from Rice, Golden China, Hu's and Lucia's (pizza and pasta). We usually pick it up ourselves from a number of places in the area, just 'cause that ends up being faster. Some of the places we do regular takeout from in the immediate area are Industry Cafe and Jazz (Ethiopian/American), Xotik Kitchen (organic Cal/Carib food), Versailles (Cuban) and Gaby's Mediterranean, La Dijonaise (French) and Fassica (also Ethiopian, but not as close to you as Industry Cafe and Jazz); some of these may deliver.

        1. I'm just taking a couple of guesses here: Does Victor Jr.'s deliver? I like their meatballs, eggplant parm, and italian salad, and many laud their pizza. Does Hoagies and Wings deliver? Don't they have a branch down on La Cienega not too far away as well as the original further east before Hauser? Good wings, very good philly cheesesteak which they serve hoagie style with lettuce and tomato, etc.

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            Hi Michele:
            I live two blocks east of LaCienega, and just one block north of Venice. Plenty of restaurants will deliver to your dad, and he can access even more of them by using a food delivery service, although they tend to be more expensive. The following are some that will deliver to him:

            - Wok on Fire (pseudo-Chinese and Sushi LaCienega)
            - Twin Dragon (Chinese on Pico)
            - Damiano's (Pizza and extensive Italian menu; on Fairfax)
            - Natalee Thai (Venice)
            - Thai BBQ (good, inexpensive Thai on Venice)
            - Lotus Chinese Cuisine (will deliver fresh lobster and crab)
            - Pantry's Pizza (pseudo Italian, Mexican-owned neighborhood joint, with good Mexican specials
            LA Bite
            Gourmet Go

            Hope this info helps. I am SURE there are many more, but these are places I use when I'm sick, hermetic, or just don't feel like cooking.


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              Victor Jr's is a very good suggestion. They do deliver.

              1. re: NAspy

                OMG, if Victor Jr.'s delivers reliably what a great source! Their pizzas are a bit on the expensive side but are hearty. But an order of meatballs, eggplant or chicken parm, and some of their tasty soft rolls along with a salad -- that's at least a couple of meals of delicious joy, probably more. Nice people manning the store, too, both morning and evening. (closed sat/sun)