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Aug 7, 2007 12:02 PM

The Brigatine


Recently moved here from DC area and a neighbor gave us a gift card for The Brigatine. Any recommendations?


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  1. Del Mar Brig only. Sit outside of the bar where you can see the ocean and the track and have Fish Tacos & Napa Nachos. Napa Nachos are pretty much the best bar food ever. Tasty potato chips covered with fontina and blue cheese, scallions, bacon and sour cream. Seriously tasty.

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      The Brigantine is all about its happy hour. The Brig's regular dining is typical continental style seafood for tourists and blue-hairs.

      SD locals only visit the Brig during happy hour for the margaritas and the best gringo-style fish tacos in SD (i.e., with cheese). As jturtle says, the Del Mar Brig is the best with an unbelieveable view of the ocean and the track. Plus with happy hour prices you can get drinks, food and valet parking for less than $25.00 a person. It's a great deal.

    2. Del Mar Brig = best fish tacos in SD

      Living in NYC now. And I dream about these regularly.

      1. Brigantine has a great seafood happy hour all week long with the best fish tacos for $2..we take the dinghy to the Shelter Island location..Del Mar & Poway are nice and a fun local hang-out..