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Aug 7, 2007 11:51 AM

party: Rosa Mexicano, Stanton Social or Park Blue

I am hosting a birthday party, (drinks and appetizers), with around 50 guests, in manhattan. My per person estimate is now AROUND $100 pp (including appetizers and drinks) (would LOVE for it to be less...)
My top three ideas are Rosa Mexicano - only been there for dinner but love the food, drinks and atmosphere
Stanton Social and Park Blue - I haven't been to either of these places but thought it might be fun to try something different
I am waiting for pricing from Stanton and Rosa (crossing my fingers - hoping one of them works out)
Has anyone been to a party at one of these places? Or is there a great place I am missing?

thanks -
Pais :)

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  1. Stanton Social, as I'm sure many would agree, is a fun place with a distinctly trendy vibe. For 50 people I imagine you'd have to rent out the entire upstairs lounge or something like that? Park Blue on the other hand is not really hip or trendy, and is a somewhat dark space. With that many people you'd probably take over the whole bar which could be fun, because the cocktails and small plates (truly small) are really delicious, and the service has been gracious the few times that I've been.
    As a chain, Rosa is probably the least original of the three choices, but those pomegranate margaritas are so good. I kind of want one now.

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      Thanks for your insight - I would love to try Stanton - there are so many strong supporters of it - just hope it fits into my budget :)

      I know - I know, not much originality with Rosa... but the margarita is one of the reasons it made my list!

      thanks again-