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Aug 7, 2007 11:37 AM

Best Restaurant in Buffalo

Two friends are in Buffalo for one night before they leave on their honeymoon and I wanted to get them a gift certificate to a really good restaurant. We're from Toronto so we're spoiled with great restaurants and are looking for something that is romantic, great food, and good wine list.

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  1. "DiGiulio and Company" on Hertel Ave

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    1. re: mmcooks

      I used to live in Buffalo 10 years ago and always though Rue Franklin was very good.

    2. The best restaurant in Buffalo is Daniel's in Hamburg. (174 Buffalo St., Hamburg. 648-6554.)
      I think it compares well with Toronto's best.

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        I'm guessing your friends from Toronto are in Buffalo for one night to take advantage of a comparatively inexpensive flight (compared to Toronto's Pearson Airport) leaving Buffalo Airport the following morning. In which case, they're probably staying either near the airport or in (or near) downtown Buffalo. Though Daniel's is a good choice, it's rather far from where they're probably staying. So let me suggest a joint on a strange little side street downtown which I try to get to every time I go to Buffalo from Toronto. It's called Mother's, and it's a revelation. From the outside, it doesn't look like much, but inside it's beautifully laid out, with a lively bar (popular with local 30- and 40-somethings) and a couple dozen tables nicely separated from what can be noisy bar talk. Clever lighting promotes an upbeat but romantic atmosphere. It's a well-run place with good service, always busy it seems, open late (often past midnight) and most important: very, very, very good food, expertly plated, highly imaginative, interesting twists on most dishes (even the lowly meatloaf), superb quality, supremely tasty. A surprising bonus considering that Buffalo is a comparatively small city: one of the best medium-sized wine lists I've ever encountered in North America, with markups that are the lowest I've ever encountered anywhere. The owner is a wine buff, I'm told, intent on making wine available to the most modest budgets. Prices of the food are also quite modest for the quality. This place is a little gem. Others will mention Hutch's or Daniel's and a couple of other places, and there's no doubt those places are good as well (Hutch's is just outside the downtown area and has a wonderful bar where you can wait for your table), but all I miss about Buffalo is Mother's. I'd go more often - it has been about a year - but it's such a long, long hassle getting across the border nowadays that I don't get to Buffalo as much as I'd like. You must reserve at Mother's or you're in for a long wait at the bar (which is another fun story in itself).

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          Mother's is ok, but I think a bit to loud and rowdy for the occasion. I like the suggestion of Rue Franklin. Tempo or Bacchus might be good choices too.

      2. Tell you what.
        Go to
        and pick one out that has the cuisine and location that best suits where they are staying. If it's the airport area, you can get to Daniels in under 20 minutes. If it's downtown, I'd suggest the Elmwood strip.

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