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Aug 7, 2007 11:06 AM

Sushi in the Avenues?

My usual go-to spot is Shimo on Clement & 25th. Is there better or as good in the area? My tastes are fairly traditional when it comes to sushi. Fish quality is paramount. I don't like weird combo rolls just for the sake of being different. Actually, I tend to go more towards nigiri or chirashi when I order, and skip rolls entirely.


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  1. murasaki on clement and 3rd and 4th. just order off his wall menu and don't even bother with the actual thing. their home cooked dishes are always very good.

    okina sushi on arguello blvd.

    1. Kabuto used to be great but haven't heard any reports since the owner change.

      Kabuto Sushi
      5121 Geary Blvd, San Francisco, CA 94118

      1. The little neighborhood spot that I adore is Tanuki at 6th and California. Traditional, good prices, warm service.

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          My bofriend and I had a quick lunch at Tanuki once a while ago and it was fine. We liked it but never thought to go back. Last night, we had dinner there and had a wonderful meal. We had a simple dinner: hamachi sashimi, side order of tempura. Sashimi was good, we would have liked the tempura to be battered more lightly.

          What really stood out to me - we ordered the shitaki nigiri and an eggplant nigiri. Delicious. The shitaki was grilled then some ginger on top. Same with the eggplant. I liked the combo of temperatures. I would have never guessed to enjoy vegi nigiri so much. We arrived about 6pm Saturday and it was very full. Happy to re-discover this place.