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Aug 7, 2007 11:03 AM

Tribeca and Lower Manhattan

Putting together a work event...are there any signature foods from Tribeca (similar to the Kossars, Gus', etc of the LES)?

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  1. the only vendor-y kind of place I can think of is Bazzini's for their nuts, but that's basically turned into a lunch deli place with DIY salads and sandwiches. everything else is an outpost of someplace existing, or something not necessarily own-able by tribeca.

      1. re: romafan

        Does anyone know where I can get Fernet Branca in NYC, not offline?! I recently moved from Buenos Aires and miss it dearly!

        1. re: guillemartin

          welcome to the states quillemartin (i *heart* BsAs).

          you can find fernet branca at many shops, here is a thread about it:

          ps -- since this thread is about tribeca, i hope you get a chance to try INDUSTRIA ARGENTINA and review it. i have been thinking about going there.

      2. ANY bread or dessert from Bouley Bakery!