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Aug 7, 2007 10:59 AM

Maya, Pampano or other Mexican

5 of us for dinner. Looking for a nice Mexican place. I've been to Maya and enjoyed it. Please give me some other suggestions (other than Rosa Mexicano). Thanks.

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  1. Centrico is much better.

    1. If you are open to a unique but great atmosphere, go to Florencia 13. This place is all about the food and drinks. It is a bit small but well worth the wait. Amazing food and marghs.

      1. Mexicana Mama in the West Village has some great Mexican food, but it's small, cash-only, and there are no reservations. But it's probably worth it if you have the time.

        1. Barrio Chino has great food and a fantastic tequila selection

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            went to pampano recently and it was....meh. everything sort of tasted the same. i would recommend mercadito on ave b.

          2. I've always been a fan of Pampano and don't find it bland or boring. We've had the shrimp tamale many times and adored it and the whole baby snapper is cooked exactly as you would find it in Mexico and (while probably way more pricey than on the beach) tastes absolutely as delicious as it does in Mexico. The food at Pampano reminds me a bit of the Alta Cocina in Mexico City, though it lacks the food-chemistry side that, say, Pujol has.