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Aug 7, 2007 10:55 AM

Any good deals in the North End for lunch?

I've been to LaFamilia Giorgio where you can get a 5 item sampler platter for $6. The portions are generous and the quality is pretty good.
I want to explore and find new places that have interesting and good deals for lunch.
Can someone suggest places you've been to or heard of in the North End ?


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  1. Galleria Umberto has Sicilian street food that is phenomenal. Arancini (rice balls), Panzarotti ( cheese stuffed potato croquettes), Calzones , Pizzetes, slices of graet pizza. Get two slices a rice ball and a coke for under five bucks.

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      Or even better, get a Dixie cup of wine with your food.

      Nothing says Umberto's like that Dixie cup of wine. :)

      Be sure to get there fairly early, as they only serve until they run out of food. Which doesn't usually take too long.