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Aug 7, 2007 10:41 AM

Lull Farm - Amazing price report! (Hollis, NH)

Went to Lull Farm in Hollis on Sunday and stocked up fresh local produce. I live Boston and I have to say that Lull's prices crush the prices at local farmer's markets and specialty stores around here. Heirloom tomatoes were 2.99/lb. Last week I paid between 5-9.99/lb at a couple places. Mini summer square, peaches, and peppers were also 1.99/lb. Corn was the stand .50/ear. They also have very good buffalo mozz (8.99/lb). I'm going to have to make a weekly trip- the quality and prices are just terrific.

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  1. I think the price thing might just be big city vs non-big city. I live in Providence and organic heirloom tomatoes cost me 3.50/lb at the farmer's market i go to...

    1. If you head out to Idlewylde in Acton, MA (year round large farm-stand), you'll find these prices. Their prices for produce of all varieties is very good, and their produce is always fresh. In addition, they have many cheeses, fresh meats, flowers, baked goods, unusual non-perishables, and such there (more expensive vs other places than their produce is vs other places, but good quality).

      Idlewylde is just a short ~40-min drive west of Boston on Rt 2.
      Get off at exit 41 - west acton/littleton exit, and head towards West Acton after getting off the ramp (Google maps says you take a left off the ramp -- I can't remember myself).

      After a little over a mile, you'll see Idylwilde Farms on the left.

      I always take Idylwildes for granted, since it's close by me, but I know many people travel fairly far to come to it.

      Idylwilde Farm
      366 Central St, MA 01720

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        I concur with all you've stated Keithel, but I've go one question. What's up with the postage stamp size signage? I understand zoning limitations may play into it a little but it's almost like a snob thing; "If you don't know we're here, you don't belong here!"

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          Hum, interesting -- I never noticed their signage being small, but then again, I've known about Idylwildes for nearly my whole life, so I guess I never really noticed.

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            That means I don't belong there and YOU DO! Seriously, take a look at it with fresh eyes as you pull up & in. Then tell me about how well the signage works if you were the manager trying to increase drive-by business. I'm not talking neon lights here.


      2. If you are in the area on a Thursday, visit the Amherst (NH) Farmer's Market. On Saturday, the Milford (NH) Farmer's Market is also good. Prices are even cheaper, though Lull is starting to get in a nice selection of heirlooms--I saw Brandywine, Black Krim, Oxheart, Green Zebra to name a few. (People here think this place is expensive!)

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          I'm from Amherst and I had no clue that there was a farmer's market there. Where 'bouts in Amherst in Milford? Great news!

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            Amherst Farmer's Market is on the Town Common from 2:30 to 6:30 on Thursday.

            Milford Farmer's Market is on South Street below the Oval in the parking lot of TD Banknorth from 9:00 to Noon.

        2. The Amherst farmer's market is EXCELLENT! It actually runs all winter selling baked goods, wine, NH made stuff etc... There is a lady there who sells great fish on Thurs! It's in Salzburg Square and moves to the common in the spring. My favorite farmer's market so far is in Portsmouth on Sat mornings. There is a farm there that sells the best organic lettuces and tomatoes. And the flower bouquets are to die for. I also pick up the organic eggs there once a week. I'm spoiled as we live in middle area and can head out to the seacoast or to Nashua area with ease.

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            Went to Lull two days ago to buy some corn and peaches. Corn was excellent!! Peaches were okay. Jersey peaches are much better IMO.