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Aug 7, 2007 10:34 AM

Lydia's Italy: Bigoli Recipe

I was watching an episode of Lydia's Italy on PBS about 2 weeks ago, and she made a dish of Bigoli (a specific kind of whole wheat pasta) with a sauce of chicken livers, peas, onion, a bit of tomato paste and chicken stock. I could fudge it, since it's simple enough, but I'm wondering if anyone has that recipe (the show's website doesn't provide it) or a similar recipe?

I have a bunch of duck livers in the freezer that I need to use up, so any help is appreciated!

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  1. I am also interested in this recipe. Did you get a reply?

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      Look on Epicurious for their recipe of Bigoli with Duck..I think you can take it from looks easy. I love bigoli!

    2. If you read the FAQ we are not to post copyrighted recipes. I would suggest you go to one of the big bookstores Barns or Borders, they are more like libraries, and just look it up there.

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        And I suppose virtually "stealing" many of her recipes in Italy from regular people is fully OK? Or maybe Lidia having PBS bankroll her taking beer-guzzling Tanya and "wanna-be wine expert" Joe to so many many Italy trips is OK, using viewer contributions? They (brother and sister) of course have absolutely no VALUE-ADDED function!

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          It is OK to paraphrase recipes but to post them verbatum is violation of copyright laws.

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            Not sure why this old thread surfaced, but here is the recipe from Lupa that has gotten many raves: